Private Practice Season Five Premiere Titled ...

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“God Laughs.”

Apparently, something or several things take place during the fifth season premiere that make the doctors of Private Practice think the man upstairs is amused.

Or just being cruel. The opening minutes September 22 reportedly pick up where the fourth season finale left off, with Pete on the ground and only Lucas nearby.

What is God laughing at? What game-changers await?

What do you make of - and expect from - this curiously-titled episode Private Practice, which returns after a two-hour Grey's Anatomy? Share your theories below!

Pete Smiles

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I'm so glad and happyyyyyy when I know the fifth season will come.
Please don't let anyone died.


Can't even wait!!!! What about Addison and Sam???? They are my favorate! Every year has been filled with drama, suspence, love, saddness. I will not miss and episode!


As lnog as Pete doesn't die i'm happy.
And i miss sarcastic Amelia she's my favourite...


All that matters to me is Violet/Pete/Lucas.


I don't care what happens on private practice as long as Charlotte and Cooper stay together:) but it's good to have some news. I love PP!


Does Lucas know the numbers 911? Let the little boy be the saviour.


Finaly some news about Private Practice!! So happy :)


So excited! Can't even think of theories on what season 5 will start with cause I'm just so desperate for it to begin.


I'm excited for the season 5 premiere. I think Voilet will either return home and find him or Addison will find him.

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