Rookie Blue Episode Promo: Full Moon Ahead!

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Andy went undercover this week on Rookie Blue. Next Thursday, though, the focus will be on what's overheard.

That's right, a full moon takes place and rattles the officers. Specifically, be on the lookout for the following storylines:

  • Andy and Sam look into the theft of severed heads from a medical lab.
  • Andy places her life and Luke's life in jeopardy. 

Check out the official trailer for "Bad Moon Rising" now.

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I really think that Andy and Sam belong together, I do like Luke but Sam is like great for Andy.... I mean the way he takes care of her.... So I seriously hope it's Sam and Andy!!


I agree with everything Morgan said, well thought out and on point. Andy just needs some maturity in her life and unfortunately she's only gonna get it the hard way. Must. See. Tv.


I love this show and totally disagree with Sarah! Andy is a mid 20's and naïve when it comes to men and love. She doesn't know what love is! Sam is older and more mature and that's what your seeing because he DOES know what love is. As a mid 20 something myself, I can relate to Andy. She is afraid of Sam because he makes her crazy, he gets her and she can't "fake it" around him. She doesn't know what love is. Will she eventually? Yes. Will she have to grovel a lot to get him in the end? Sure. Love this show and Sandi


I totally agree with Sarah!


The fact that they have shown an engagement in the promo for Luke and Andy does mean something interesting will occur, otherwise, it's a waste of it and a massive spoiler.
I know for a fact that Andy and Luke won't last, she'll leave him for Sam eventually or him and Jo will do something ending Luke and Andy's engagement.
Either way, the removal of heads in the promo seems interestingly enough for me to tune in next week! :D


Lol Andy and Sam! Andy and Sam! Sandy sandy sandy!!! I adore this show, it is by far the only one I watch religously :)


I really dislike Andy now.
She isn't in love with Luke, she just thinks he's a nice guy but its obvious she's attracted to Sam. She needs to stop stringing both guys along.
aaah, I hope they bring some really hot chick for Sam so Andy can burn with jealousy. :P

Doe rae me

What the hell! The seaon opens with the news that Andy and Luke moved in together, now they are getting engaged!? NO! Andy & Sam! Andy & Sam! Everybody now...ANDY & SAM!

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