Rookie Blue Review: Desperate to Believe

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Luke screwed up, big time, and "In Plain View" had him scrambling to cover his tracks.

It's not nice to sleep with a girl and then not return her phone calls. Did Luke really believe he could tell Jo it was all a mistake and move on? He swore to her that he was happy, but how happy can he be if he's having an afternoon quickie with his ex?!?

Luke's smarter than that, right? Perhaps not.

Comforting a Child

He even followed all of the typical cheater cliches. Between his lies and cover-ups, he showered Andy with romantic gifts to assuage his guilt. Then, when his credit card was found at the hotel, he panicked and moved up the wedding. Oh, what a mess. 

Poor Andy was stuck working with Jo and had no idea what was headed her way. When Jo kicked Andy out of the interrogation, Luke defended the former, saying "She's got her own rhythm." Yup. Luke would know.

Or how about when Jo alluded to Andy being the weakest member of the pack? Talk about passive aggressive, but I had no doubt that that's how Jo viewed her. 

When reality hit, Andy must have felt like she got hit by a ton of bricks AND a mack truck. To her credit, there were no tearful scenes or big fights and she didn't take her hurt and anger out on Jo. Andy simply went home, packed a bag, asked Luke why, and departed.

I loved that she told Luke she left the ring in the lock box where she found it. The horrible realization that Luke never actually gave her the ring or specifically asked her to marry him must have sunk in. Ugh. 

I wonder if she'll ever know that the ring was really meant for Jo. I hope not. No one deserves to feel like second best.

There were no Sam and Andy scenes, but this wasn't about them. It was about the end of Andy and Luke. My guess is we won't be seeing Sam and Andy together this season. She's got to get over this whole debacle and she doesn't need Sam as her rebound guy. But having him around as a friend would be nice.

In actual police matters, Jerry lost his informant. Then he found him, dead. The investigation led to a lonely 17-year old girl who thought her pimp was the love of her life. 

Was anybody upset that the girl smacked Jo in the head to get away? No? I didn't think so. Jo almost seemed to be taking her frustrations with Andy out on Dina.

Jo was right about one thing: Dina was the weak member of the pack. She was so desperate to have somebody love her that she'd willingly go to prison for a guy who wanted her dead. Believing that Andy was similarly weak was where Jo got it wrong.

I found Gail's mom downright creepy. Her entire demeanor felt like finger nails on a blackboard. She was a bully hiding behind a pixie haircut and a sweet voice. That certainly explains a lot about Gail, huh? I wish Gail would have stood up to her mother, but watching Chris do it was the next best thing.

So where do you think Andy goes next? Straight into Sam's arms? Sleeping on Traci's couch? Or does Luke deserve a second chance?


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I completely agree with aninjawitagun. Andy did the same thing and the reason why she didn't sleep with Sam was because they got interrupted with the lights AND Luke called her. Otherwise she definitely would have. and Luke forgave her so easily for it. I think she should have heard him out at the very least.
Yes, they were engaged and more serious than they were at the time of Andy's discretion but it doesn't change anything in my mind. and again, his relationship with Jo was much more solid than Andy's with Sam.
I think Andy is being a hypocrite. Even though I'm not a Landy fan, I feel it is unfair to Luke.
Also, I love Jo. :P


I know it sounds very unlikely that Luke would go away fast and easy , but I really don't what Andy be with him after a very stupid decision he made, I watch the ep, again and I'm thinking Jo got what she wanted, Luke and break thing up with landy , she really should get ditch by Luke , this whole thing was so intentional, in the next ep Sam has to move And not let Luke any ground


Love this show. Thank you writers for realistic characters and story lines. Sam is amazing and so in love with Andy. There will be lots of starts and stops in the future for them, I'll bet. Next week's episode is using the rapist colonel from Trenton as a basis and should be excellent. There is not a lame character in the series. Oliver, Frank, Noelle, Jerry - even Luke and Jo - good actors and likeable because of or in spite of their contributions to the story.


I agree with Jeca & Melissa - Sam knows he's into Andy & she obviously has feelings for him. In past episodes except last two, they didn't sleep together but the way he smiled & looked at her let us all know how he felt. That's what majority of fans are hooked on. They don't have to immediately jump into bed but he's always been there for her & I can't figure out what changed in last two episodes. I'm not convinced Luke is going away quietly & I'm not convinced Andy won't cave & take him back - maybe not engaged but starting anew.


It was a great episode, no sandy , but is great because landy is done , and the story needed the episode to wrap all Up , Jo ended up been the girl calling after been ditch, Luke the tipical stupid cheater , and Andy put hersefl together and do a very respectable reaction,she left Luke , and that gives the space for sandy , I don't think something good will happen till end of season but I hope Sam finally realizes he is so into Andy as he showed in 2x01 and makes some moves SOON , I love Missy acting in the hall outside the hotel room and just with the perfect song in the background..


i think the show needs the two leads together for a bit Sam/Andy before they start losing what little viewership they have. i don't think rookie blue is a top series so they should give fans what they want to get more interest in this show. without the sam/andy interaction i think the show is actually quite boring. even if they aren't a couple they would make good partners on cases


I agree with all of your article, but Mama Peck did not have a pixie haircut. She had her hair in a messy bun :) I know, who cares :)


Do any of you RB fans know how, if legal, to set up a rookie blue website where we all could comment on the show without having to find specific episode?


Jo has her issues but I love how the actress portrays her. I'm even a little sympathetic (just a little) and I didn't expect to feel that. Keep Jo in Rookie Blue. I even like Luke even though he's weak and he really messed up.
Is it just me or are the characters more likeable and understandable this season ? I'm really enjoying the show.


I really missed the Sam and Andy scenes. But I understand why they did it. Andy breaking up with Luke isn't about Sam. And I don't think she could keep her mouth shut about her insecurities when Sam is around. Sam would know all about Lukes cheating, when he heard about the flowers and dinners. Its a good thing Andy did it on her own. And I really liked to see Tracy work with Sam for once. She looked almost glued to her desk the last few weeks. I think next week we see more Sandy action... maybe they won't be together but they;ve got still 7 episodes to make that happen.

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Rookie Blue Season 2 Episode 6 Quotes

Andy: What are you guys doing?
Chris: Oh just cleaning the place a bit. Trying to make it look a little less, you know, murdery.

Gail: She kept calling you Craig.
Chris: Craig's a great name.