Rookie Blue Review: Desperate to Believe

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Luke screwed up, big time, and "In Plain View" had him scrambling to cover his tracks.

It's not nice to sleep with a girl and then not return her phone calls. Did Luke really believe he could tell Jo it was all a mistake and move on? He swore to her that he was happy, but how happy can he be if he's having an afternoon quickie with his ex?!?

Luke's smarter than that, right? Perhaps not.

Comforting a Child

He even followed all of the typical cheater cliches. Between his lies and cover-ups, he showered Andy with romantic gifts to assuage his guilt. Then, when his credit card was found at the hotel, he panicked and moved up the wedding. Oh, what a mess. 

Poor Andy was stuck working with Jo and had no idea what was headed her way. When Jo kicked Andy out of the interrogation, Luke defended the former, saying "She's got her own rhythm." Yup. Luke would know.

Or how about when Jo alluded to Andy being the weakest member of the pack? Talk about passive aggressive, but I had no doubt that that's how Jo viewed her. 

When reality hit, Andy must have felt like she got hit by a ton of bricks AND a mack truck. To her credit, there were no tearful scenes or big fights and she didn't take her hurt and anger out on Jo. Andy simply went home, packed a bag, asked Luke why, and departed.

I loved that she told Luke she left the ring in the lock box where she found it. The horrible realization that Luke never actually gave her the ring or specifically asked her to marry him must have sunk in. Ugh. 

I wonder if she'll ever know that the ring was really meant for Jo. I hope not. No one deserves to feel like second best.

There were no Sam and Andy scenes, but this wasn't about them. It was about the end of Andy and Luke. My guess is we won't be seeing Sam and Andy together this season. She's got to get over this whole debacle and she doesn't need Sam as her rebound guy. But having him around as a friend would be nice.

In actual police matters, Jerry lost his informant. Then he found him, dead. The investigation led to a lonely 17-year old girl who thought her pimp was the love of her life. 

Was anybody upset that the girl smacked Jo in the head to get away? No? I didn't think so. Jo almost seemed to be taking her frustrations with Andy out on Dina.

Jo was right about one thing: Dina was the weak member of the pack. She was so desperate to have somebody love her that she'd willingly go to prison for a guy who wanted her dead. Believing that Andy was similarly weak was where Jo got it wrong.

I found Gail's mom downright creepy. Her entire demeanor felt like finger nails on a blackboard. She was a bully hiding behind a pixie haircut and a sweet voice. That certainly explains a lot about Gail, huh? I wish Gail would have stood up to her mother, but watching Chris do it was the next best thing.

So where do you think Andy goes next? Straight into Sam's arms? Sleeping on Traci's couch? Or does Luke deserve a second chance?


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So you're saying Andy did not cheat on Luke when she showed up at Sam's door and hooked up with him. Andy didn't sleep with Sam, but if you hook up with somebody who's not your boyfriend I'm pretty sure that is cheating. Also Andy was not up front about her feelings for Sam to Luke. She did the exact same thing he did by trying to be "girlfriend of the year." Obviously Luke and Andy are at a different more serious point in their relationship at this point. But so are Luke and Jo compared to Andy and Sam's relationship. Luke and Jo had a very serious relationship in the past that ended abruptly when she left and chose her career over him. There was no real closure and Luke was left hurt. We can only assume that after some time he was able to move on and he eventually started a relationship with Andy. Then when Luke and Andy are at a good point in there relationship Jo is brought back into the picture, which brought up a lot of unresolved feelings.


First I am sooo glad that this ep did not revolve around andy, thank god. But yeah i'm gonna have to agree with what others are saying the findingoithewascheatingthroughmatches is just weak. but to give her credit she did realise sumthing was up when in typical cheater mode lukes buying her flowers nice dinners and the spa, really though is she missing 1 of her xx chromosomes, cos just like the wife 'always knows' so does the gf and what about her bff whatsherface she shudda picked up on that too, and then the most obvious clue, 'lets get married next wk' was he trying to get caught?! smh. all the cheaters out there should watch this show for tips on how-not-to-get-caught-cheating.
Did anyone else catch the degrassi guest star, thats 2 in a row now wonder whos gonna pop up next


Lame episode!  No Sam/Andy interaction for second week in a row.  They act like they don't know each other now.  No follow- up on why Noelle was sad last week when she was to have dinner with Frank. Superintendent Peck storyline was pathetic - we already guessed she's the reason Gail has been a -- well not too nice. Andy will probably continue to blindly allow Luke to do whatever as long as he tells her he loves her.   I don't watch this show for the police drama - it isn't realistic - I watch it for the Sam/Andy storyline & since that doesn't seem pertinent anymore, guess I'll watch Hawaii 50 reruns. Writers keep it up, there may be no viewers to watch Season 3.


I disagree with the poster that said the matches were unrealistic-- when we visit bars or hotels in other cities I always take a pack of matches with me and I nor does my husband smoke. And, Andy didn't find matches, she got a phone call from the hotel saying Luke had left his credit card there over the weekend. I honestly think the episode was very well written and agree that the lack of Sam and Andy scenes is not a disappointment it is actually respectful of what Sam and Andy could have when she gets through the emotional upheaval of what this discovery has led to for her.


I meant... obviously Andy belongs with Sam!!! Opps!!!


I found it difficult to believe that Luke would so easily cheat on Andy the way he did. But, he did, and he deserved to lose Andy. I believe Jo deliberately let Andy see the matches. What I never did understand is why Luke did not tell Andy he was on a stake-out at the hotel and that is why he had the matches in the first place. The whole matches part of the storyline was so weak and so obvious. I love this show, but the writers were lazy. Yes, we wanted Andy and Luke to break-up, but seriously?? The writers could not come up with something more interesting and more realistic? Neither of these characters are smokers and had no reason at all to take the matches in the first place. I have to roll my eyes at the writers for their clear lack of imagination and creativity. Lauren Holly is playing an unlikeable character, but I love her and was happy to see her appear on the show! And, yes, it really does explain alot about Gail who I did not like at first, but she is starting to grow on me. Obviously, Andy belongs with Jo, but I hope the writers don't have them getting together too soon as supposedly Andy loved Luke enough to marry him and should not be able to get over the breakup that easily. I love this show and I love the characters and I hope the writers step it up and stop taking the easy way out by writing simplistic, unrealistic story-lines like the matches from the hotel.

Carmen scheer

Luke is a jerk. His guilt is getting to him and rather than fess up he showers Andy with nice sweet gifts. And rather than answer her questions he changes the subject to them getting married. Luke obviously does not give her enough credit for how smart she really is. then when she saw the match pack from Jo's bag and everything landed into place and Jo didn't answer her questions really either. As for Lauren Holly , loved her on NCIS but as Gail's mom, she was awesome. Really get to see whey Gail is the way that she is. I found her annoying but I was laughing. Just the story about her parents leaving her at the store to find her way home in the forest, NICE! Seemed as though Frank was unsure about her and didn't know what to say. Would like to find out what is going to happen with Frank and Noelle especially with Noelle trying to have a baby. I find it funny how everyone talks to the dead bodies.

Doe rae me

Andy did not cheat on Luke. During the blackout she went to Sam's, but the lights came on before the clothes were off, then Andy left. Also, that happened when Andy and Luke were dating, they weren't engaged or living in a house they mutually own. Andy had also been honest with Luke about her mixed feelings for Sam when Luke found Sam's name in Andy's freezer.


How is Luke scum, he messed up big time, but that doesn't make him a horrible person. Andy did cheat on Luke once


So, I figured everyone would be bashing Luke and Jo this week and I'd join the bandwagon. He is scum and deserved what came to him Also, is it just me or that box of matches or whatever it was that Jo threw out her bag when looking for money was evident that she maybe wanted Andy to find out something..? Also, I wonder- where is Andy going to stay? *crosses fingers its by Sam*. I hope from now on it shows them getting closer.....

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