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I loved the kiss between Jo and Luke. Clearly he has never forgotten her because he carries her engagement with him everywhere. It was a symbolic way for him to still be close to her. Their kiss looked passionate and loaded with a storied past where they both missed each other very much. Can you blame Luke for wanting to spend more time with the woman with whom he fell in love with? Maybe Jo is out of line returning so forcefully given the fact he's engaged but I believe it's because she doesn't believe his relationship with Andy. She believes he's making a big mistake and she's trying to remind him what real love is. She's reminding him of their relationship where they knew everything about one another.


How is Luke a snake, he definitely screwed up big time, but so did Andy once. He didn't hook up with some random chick. He obviously still has strong feelings for her, just like he does for Andy.


Well, this was a good episode but I waited a whole week to see more interaction between Sam & Andy - disappointment! Have to admit though that Sam looks awesome in a suit & given the way most of us think Andy feels about Sam, she would have teased him or complimented him. I was glad to see Luke is the snake I hoped he'd be but doubt Andy is confident enough to tell him to take a hike & turn to Sam. I also suspect Sam will not like being the rebound guy. Can't wait till next week.


awe Andy is going to be Heartbroken... and like you said, i hope that Sam is there to help. Though this is NOT how i wish for them to get together!!

I loved the sting operation! Swarek was definitely in his element!

I also felt the same foreshadowing that the next thing Chris and Dov fight over will mostlikely be Gail. Though I like Gail and Chris, something about the Friendship/connection that Dov and Gail have could blossom to be really good! idk still on the fence.

and it looks like Andy is going to figure out about the hook up by herself, Luke is to chicken to be a man and tell her the truth (at least Andy stopped with Sam, although prob because the lights came on). Either way I just want them to break up already!!!!!!

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