Sarah Jane Morris to Appear on NCIS Season Premiere

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Sarah Jane Morris, who ruffled plenty of feathers among NCIS agents and fans last season as Special Agent E.J. Barrett, will be returning to the show this fall.

It's not clear how long she'll stick around, but at the very least, she'll appear in the Season 9 premiere September 20. True to form, she'll keep us guessing.

“Sarah Jane Morris will be coming back, but what our NCIS Agents need from EJ might surprise everyone,” NCIS executive producer Gary Glasberg teased.

Tony and E.J. Photo

Like Tony, we still don't know quite what to make of E.J.

“People should expect the unexpected," Glasberg said, adding that in typical NCIS fashion, "a lot of questions will be answered in the first episode and there will be plenty of fun, intriguing story tidbits layered in that will resurface all season long.”

How do you think EJ's return plays into Tony's task? Will she help unite or further divide the team? Will she stick around beyond this episode? Should she?

We look forward to hearing your thoughts on all of the above topics (follow this link for even more NCIS Season 9 spoilers). Sound off in the comments!

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to anyone that thinks ej should be a recurring are u masuga? i like m allison hart better ej is evil kill her off show


I'm not thrilled with her or her character. She left me cold.


KATE SISTER coming back OH YES SHE ROCKS I also her Ziva might get a sex change


EJ COMING BACK. Thanks saves me watching the first show. I'm thinking if the writers really put their minds to it and keep up this shitty storyline with stupid EJ and newly matured Tony - the ratings should hit the skids by what - half way through Season 9. They should be very proud. I am very sad.


we pick up where we left off.. Kill EJ and be done with it.. I am so sick of this nonsense already.. WE adore our TIVA -- are you that thick? We can not stand this peek a boo show -- get it back what made it great, stop reading your own publicity. WE hung on last season because we loved the storyline, however to be honest the lack of Gibbs and Abby interaction - this EJ crap and Ziva running around with that fool drove us crazy. Get back to NCIS and stop the EJ , let's put Tony in flux, story lines. I think it is the writers that need a Gibbs smack and NOW. Next thing you know flipping Kate will make a come back.. lord have mercy.


I liked EJ and loved the shower scene. It was fun, unexpected, and "steamy". I'm glad EJ's coming back. She's a refreshing change from the cartoon caricature that Ziva has become. I'm glad Tony has someone digging on him rather than one upping and insulting him. Ziva treats Tony like something nasty on her shoe. I would like for EJ to perhaps be a recurring character, sharing a mostly off screen romance with Tony.


I love how everyone is hating on Gary Glasberg yet the reason he got these job is because for the reason everyone is hating on EJ is the same reason us REAL NCIS fans ( people who do watch the show and not Tiva) hated Ziva Gary Glasberg has made NCIS the Gibbs and Tony show like it was from season 1 instead of the SUPERZIVA and her sidekicks. I also love how everyone hated the shower scene but had no problem back in season 3 when Ziva would have the whole team over for dinner( which by the way is not allowed in the real NCIS) and not invite Tony or how Ziva would say mcgee was guilty or that boy father without proof or how she help Ari killed Kate. THEN she lied about Michael and even help him murder that Ice Agent let also not forget plus she got herself capture AND Forced Tony to save her. just so she could make him and the team a ass.


I just hope that E.J. appears to demonstrate that she is the mole and then they kill or robbery definitely and thus does not appear anymore!


Bobbie..thank you thank you thank you! Your comments are right on and I said the same thing a little bit ago but was royally raked over the coals by some rude person here and it took the wind out of my sails. I vowed not to look at this site ever again. Thank goodnees I did. You have said and very well too exactly how I feel. That shower scene was the worst I have ever seen. I was always afraid to tune in after that show in case there was more of the same. I hated hearing that Michael Weatherly said Tony got his 'mojo' back with her. I was so disappointed with Tony and the other part I so hated was when he was 'bragging'to McGee about how the whole Navy yard knew he was sleeping with smug ...not like the Tony I have adored over the years. Speaking of McGee, he has hardly had 2 sentences since she and her stupid circus team arrived. And tell me if you can why everyone on Pyamid felt that they had to tell her she was 'a good agent, not her fault her team member bled out' while she went off - all 80 lbs. of her to catch the P2P killer on her own. IT WAS HER FAULT. I choose to believe that she and Tony were done and over by then 'cause there sure was no feelings between them before he walked away from her. I sure hope she is the mole or whatever because no surprise she is not truthfull and a tad hinky!! I can not stand the look of her (too strong) NO NOT AT ALL. I despise her and will find it hard to tune in for the Premier Show. You are also right about Gary Glasberg- if anyone can do it HE can ruin this show all on his own. I am not happy. Polls show that 89% of people did not like her and did not want to see her again! Did anyone listen...NO...I suppose this means for the show that Tony has been with her all summer..him being with her has changed my feelings for him - like he is not even on the Team anymore and a bit sleazy too. Your statement made me happy that someone else is on the same page with me. I read it 3 times with a big smile. Thank YOU AGAIN!!!!!!!!


After the end of last season I will not even start to watch! Until she is GONE!I hate the Shower Tramp EJ and becoming annoyed with Tony also.They tried to make us think after 8 seasons that Tony was not a womanizer what a joke and then they have him jump in the shower with EJ after what 2 days. Give me a break and we are supposed to take him seriously?They are making a serious mistake messing with the dynamics of this show.Lets see how long Gary G last when ratings start to plummet! I have been watching this show with my paralyzed husband since Ice Queen_Jag. Have loved the show until end of 8.Since Gary took over! Have been extremely disappointed!NCIS has been a big part of our lives due to the severity of my husband illness.Listen to music and T.V. is pretty much all he can do.We loved to Banter and they reaction to the team.Now there is none!Really is a shame.We do like the new show Suits. I guess we will stick with USA and watch all the reruns of NCIS instead!

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