Spotted on Gossip Girl Set: Elizabeth Hurley & Chace Crawford!

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Elizabeth Hurley recently joined the cast of Gossip Girl. Below are some of the first photos of the stunning British model/actress in character as Diana Payne.

With her, of course, was Chace Crawford.

Executive producers Stephanie Savage and Joshua Safran have described Hurley's character as “a sexy, smart, self-made media mogul." Might we add "latest conquest of Nate" to that resume? It's too soon to tell, but come on ... it's Nate:

Elizabeth Hurley and Chace Crawford
Chace Crawford, Elizabeth Hurley

Elizabeth Hurley with Chace Crawford on the New York City set of Gossip Girl.

Last season felt lackluster at times, but with each day bringing little teases like this, we find ourselves getting more and more excited for the upcoming fifth season.

What about you? What do you think the producers have in mind for Hurley's character? Sound off on her and all things Gossip Girl by leaving a comment below!

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he should dating lily for some episodes lol.^^


i think it's gonna be ivy/charlie and serena are gonna be the ones in LA since shooting in la starts aug1 and i saw some set pictures of chuck and nate @tvline..
As for gg writing,i'm a hardcore fan buh tbh,it has gone downhill and i think while season4 as a season wasn't great,each episodes were not boring at all,only the writing is inconsistent.....i'm still gonna watch the s5 since i heard they've gotten new writers..


Hmmm, I feel like we've seen this before...oh wait, we have at the start of every season. Writers can't we do something different with Nate, maybe something a little more interesting? Shouldn't see be causing drama for Lily and Rufus or something like that?


Girls that Nate dates at the beginning of the season are always bad news


Nate's dating an older woman yet again? YAWN!


Hey at least its not Dan this tym.


Nathenial, WhY YOU ALWAYS WITH COUGARS,Ill give this relationship a maximum of 6 episodes 7 max


i just noticed something, all the girls nate hooked up with at the start of all the seasons, catherien, bree and juliet all used him all in different ways, i wonder ...........


All I can say is: here we go again.

Chair4eva sk

catherine...? bree.....? juliet.....? ohhh wait.. its another season-opener, guest star, gf for nate

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