Spotted on Gossip Girl Set: Elizabeth Hurley & Chace Crawford!

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Elizabeth Hurley recently joined the cast of Gossip Girl. Below are some of the first photos of the stunning British model/actress in character as Diana Payne.

With her, of course, was Chace Crawford.

Executive producers Stephanie Savage and Joshua Safran have described Hurley's character as “a sexy, smart, self-made media mogul." Might we add "latest conquest of Nate" to that resume? It's too soon to tell, but come on ... it's Nate:

Elizabeth Hurley and Chace Crawford
Chace Crawford, Elizabeth Hurley

Elizabeth Hurley with Chace Crawford on the New York City set of Gossip Girl.

Last season felt lackluster at times, but with each day bringing little teases like this, we find ourselves getting more and more excited for the upcoming fifth season.

What about you? What do you think the producers have in mind for Hurley's character? Sound off on her and all things Gossip Girl by leaving a comment below!

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I suppose Chuck and Serena are the 2 characters staying behind in California since the rest of the cast have already been spotted filming in NYC. I was hoping it was Serena and Ivy/Charlie who has their own storyline in LA while Chuch is back in the UES to make mayhem for Blair.


of course nate is hooking up with the older women, if he doesn't hook up with someone he's useless!!

Uncle jackass

Well, I suppose that Nate has set a precedence of dating older women (for money of course), that said it does seem like a weak plot for Nate to cat/mouse another individual. I'm not sure if this will set our tv screens on fire.


i think nate should be with an older woman. he's still a child in a way, being with a younger girl would make it even worse. so why not? i'm on board with this. she IS hot.


same old same old. Same old Nate Same old SErena . They do just only on thing : hook up with everyone


I'm not liked what happened in Gossip Girl fourth season
Gossip Girl's fourth season has been the worst of all the seasons
Especially the episodes of this year of Gossip Girl were so bad and boring
And seeing these photographies and reading on what is going to happen I think that Gossip Girl is going to become increasingly bored
For me the only thing of interesting of Gossip Girl was Chuck and Blair
So I don't want to see Gossip Girl new season


I do not like what this one happening in Gossip Girl's new season
I liked the first one and the second season very much nevertheless meeting that in the third one and in the fourth season Gossip Girl took a very different course and I did not like it
I liked Gossip Girl since it was before
So I am not interested in seeing Gossip Girl's new season


Bloody hell. Why do I think these two will hook up for a while?


Blair agreed to marry Louis so he has to keep his word
Blair would be shameful if he dares to end with Louis after accepting his marriage proposal
What kind of woman accepts a marriage proposal from a man and then break and finish with another man
I want that this Blair with Chuck but Blair accepted the offer of Louis's marriage and it changes everything
So Blair has to marry Louis he likes it or not
And Chuck has to find a wonderful woman
A woman who never accepts the offer of marriage of another man
I want to see happy Chuck because he is the only interesting character of Gossip Girl
And Blair should continue his boring life of Princess because it was what he chose


well i guess that answers the question of "of the three characters starting out in L.A. (Serena, Nate, and Chuck), two will be staying in L.A. for a period of time", given this very early filming of Nate in NYC, it seems that Chuck is the second character, in addition to Serena, to stay in L.A. for a bit. being the die-hard Dair fan that I am, I naturally rejoice at this and hope that Chuck's absence will give Dan a chance to get close to Blair because we all know her royal wedding is inevitably doomed one way or another

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