Suits Review: Go Big or Go Home

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Both Harvey and Trevor contended with some pretty high stakes in "Inside Track," as the former became a senior partner, a privilege which seemed to quickly go to his head.

In order to protect a relationship with a large motor company, he pulled a Jack Bauer and went rogue behind Jessica’s back to install a CEO that would double the firms billable hours and save American jobs.

Titus Welliver on Suits

Not only did Harvey do his part to help our ailing economy, he managed to do so by appealing to a wealthy car enthusiast... though not before staving off both Louis Litt and Jessica Hardman.

Fortunately for Harvey, he managed to accomplish this feat without getting benched. See, the man has learned a lot since the pilot.

I loved the backdrop of the car showcase. The Tesla looked like a vehicle I'd want in my garage, if they could hack a couple hundred thousand dollars off the price tag, that is.

One of my favorite moments was the reappearance of Mike's grandma. She has quite the personality, which had her readily dismissing Trevor. Let's hope she's featured more down the line. It will certainly help us learn more about Mike's life growing up.

Which brings me to the sudden re-emergence of Jenny and Trevor, both of whom are stark reminders of where Mike came from. What's interesting is that they emerged in the middle of an episode where Mike's relationships with Harvey and Rachel seemed to make genuine strides.

No relationship is stronger than when one makes a journey down the rabbit hole and their partner jumps in after them, ready to pull them out with their best legal strategy. That's exactly what Mike tried to do for Harvey here.

Then, there was Rachel's assistance and advice on Mike's "Rookie Dinner" location. She claims to always be busy, yet seems to make time for Mike when he needs her. Moreover, we learned a little more about her hobbies, particularly her penchant for food with rich parents, along with her ambitions to live on her earnings alone.

I wanted the writers to wait a little bit before they started playing with the idea of putting Mike in a relationship. I'm more than satisfied with the writing and the arcs already in play. I think we need these characters to continue developing absent any romance.

Finally, Louis never fails to provide some quick wit and scathing insults, which, as always, makes him the one character we love to hate.

Overall, Suits delivered another strong and thoroughly entertaining episode, which continued to delve into the motivations and struggles of these characters. The summer viewing forecast for this series gets brighter and brighter each week.


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This show is totally awesome.. the epiosde was great.. i personally feel jenny is better for mike.. just dont see the chemistry between mike n rachel... they seem good just as friends!


I love this show, but the GD is offensive to most Christians. I world in this kind of world for years. I find, and many people do, that the "F" bomb is just as offensive as "GD". Why can't you offend another Religion?


Good show apart from the ending. Rachel is a foodie just like the actress portraying her.


This is still my favorite summer show. It is getting better and better.


Oh come on! What is such a big deal about the use of the phrase "goddamn"? It's an expletive, but so what? It's not even close to being one of the more serious ones. Humans tend to swear, or use idiom, or layer their speech with sarcasm, and on and on. There are seriously people who are so offended by this phrase that they'd rather characters not speak in semi-realistic diction? If someone's one gripe with the show is that it features humans being human and swearing, then I'd say that speaks fairly highly for the show itself.

Terrie lynn mcdonald coleman

I love this show but am a bit dismayed that they use "GD" so much......but I'm not going to let it stop me from watching!


I love this show, but it is bothering me that at least once this week and twice last week they used the "GD" term when just damn would suffice. I know two people who have quit watching because of it. I like watching the show and will continue, but it does bother me when they use it so often.


Suits continues to impress with the complex portrayals of Harvey and Mike. While I don't want to see any romances form right away, I am rooting for Rachel in the end.


@ Chandel Charles " I think we need these characters to continue developing absent any romance." Agreed although I'm more disappointed in the lack of effort as to why Jenny or Rachel would be good for Mike. I'll assume that Trevor has a role to play in Mike's downfall at the firm. So Jenny and Mike needed to be setup for future ep's. My assumption sets me at ease . As I never saw this soap move coming from what has been a great show. Although I do hope both actresses are given more screen time. I love the ladies on this show. @ sara
I prefer Rachel for myself, Mike can have Jenny.


Thanks for making my summer, Suits! Such a great show. I prefer Jenny to Rachel.

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I'm emotionally vested in me.


Mike: What? We're making all this money we can't celebrate?
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