Taylor Momsen Performs Pretty Reckless Songs, Lap Dances in Spain

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Pretty reckless may not do this girl justice!

Taylor Momsen performed a very intimate show on Wednesday in Barcelona, Spain, in which the 17-year-old singer and (former?) Gossip Girl actress straddled a female fan and gave her a lap dance mid-concert (here's a pic)!

While Momsen wore a black sleeveless shirt, the recipient of her affection was clad in only a black bra. She's certainly no stranger to controversy, but hey, it's working out for her.

Here's hoping for a Jenny cameo at some point soon ...

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Is her behavior appropriate? Of course not, that's rock n roll. If you want appropriate go check out the Jonas Brothers or I-Carley


Hey, it's Taylor's choice. And while her behavior is totally inappropriate for a seventeen year-old girl, all I can say is: that's rock n' roll. And she's one of the best girl rockers out there right now. So... what can you do? She's gonna act how she wants to.


I listened to one of her songs, i dont think that she can sing. Her voice is very deep..


again, when Taylor Momsen makes beautiful appearance in commercial, fashion shows, interviews, magazine covers, etc., this site doesn't care to share it with Gossip Girl fans. This sites only chose the worst pic from worst angle from her performance to share. From what I see in her show, the particular show that she did that lap dance, it was an awesome show. The writer of this site is just as bad as the tabloid magazines, zoom in at some beautiful artist's face/ a small pinch of body fat and describe her as some ugly mid-life crisis


wow...what happened to her!


White trash at it's finest...


When I see Taylor Momsen I see a lonely girl desperately wishing for attention and love. I am a huge fan of her music, but I want to see the real her. The her behind the make up and revealing clothes.


Why are we still giving this train wreck, I mean girl, press and prescious space on this website? She's off the show - let her self-destruct in peace and quiet!


wtf that's really scary


Little J, how we missed thy pure soul in Season 1

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