Ted Danson Takes Over on CSI

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Very well played, CSI.

Faced with the loss of lead Laurence Fishburne, and heading into a new timeslot this fall with declining ratings, the CBS drama has selected Ted Danson as its new boss. The actor, who proved his dramatic mettle with an Emmy-nominated role on Damages, will debut in September.

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Danson will portray a Las Vegas grave shift supervisor and former head of the crime lab in Portland. He'll be tasked with shaping a team that's still reeling over events related to serial killer Nate Haskell.

“From the moment we all started talking about the role, it was clear [Ted] couldn’t be more perfect,” said CSI executive producer Don McGill. “Intelligence, wit, warmth, depth of character and emotion, he brings it all. And now he’ll have to bring latex gloves, too.”

TV fans will get double the Danson later this year: season three of Bored to Death also kicks off in September.

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The picture you have of the original cast of CSI was the true series formula. When William Petersen left the series the writers and TV management for the show wanted to keep the status-quo formula with a Man at the helm of the unit.... Sad decision... the team should be well suited with Catherine Willows (Marg Helgenberger) as the leader without another person in Grissoms role. If they want to bring someone in as a consultant on a case then the Fishburne and Danson characters would be a good fit. By the way, if Sara Sidle (Jorja Fox) and Gil Grissom (William Petersen) are actually married why aren't there more scenes with them in it? It seems this storyline is being ignored. Why can't there be a surprise visit from Grissom this season?


I didn't care for Laurence Fishburne and I really can't see Ted Danson take over. I think the show went down hill after Grissom left!!!!!


youve got to be kidding ted danson taking over for fishburne, what the hellis wrong with csi vegas, are they kidding, you might as well put homer simpson in there , please, no ones ever going to be able to replace grisom, fishburne though did a good jod on it, but danson, csi down for the count.


after that crap we went throw with sara and that fat guy who quit the show for no reason but to do drugs I say bring it


CSI will do just fine no thanks to you and your mom so you both can KISS my ASS you hater.


this is a totally STUPID idea....it won't work....even fishburne's langston WASN'T a supervisor, when he came on....he started as a level 1.....what and the HELL , is TPTB thinking?....oooooohhh, wait....their NOT.....my mom has already said, that she WON'T be watching this season....you can KISS this show goodbye. alisa rating : 0

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