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In what was only the first episode of the back half of the season, "Night School" had all of the suspense and excitement of a season finale.

Thanks in part to the bottle episode-like atmosphere, there was action aplenty, as almost the entire hour took place inside the school that Scott, Stiles and company call home on a daily basis. Viewers were treated to crazy scare that a gigantic alpha wolf can give you as it attempts to hunt down a group of kids in the aforementioned school.

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The suspense was surely potent, but very much in the style of any modern horror movie. Every step around the corner for Scott and the gang was another opportunity to lock themselves in a mini death trap just so that the alpha could find them and scare them into escaping to another locked pit of doom.

It was extremely predictable that way, but I still enjoyed it. Every time the alpha came closer and closer, I tried to hide my eyes... but ended up reluctantly watching him pass on hurting any of the Beacon Hills students.

This was the interesting development from "Night School." Thanks to the explanation from Scott, we learned that the alpha doesn't want to kill Scott or any of his friends. Instead, he wants the Teen Wolf to join his pack. To do so, again regurgitated by Scott to the audience, the alpha wants Scott to kill his old pack; aka Allison, Jackson, Lydia, and Stiles!

Say it ain't so, Scott! Not my man, Stiles. It's bad enough that it seems like Derek Hale is gone (still up for debate whether he's actually dead), you can't take away Stiles just because the alpha wolf's powers force you to want to kill your friends.

Speaking of Hale, how dare Scott throw him under the bus like that! Just when I couldn't be angrier with the young wolf, he goes and tarnishes the name of the stud that is Derek Hale. Seriously, though, in that moment when all of his friends were staring him in the face, waiting for an answer, shouldn't he have come clean with the truth?

Were they not ready for it? They seemed to be prepared to hear anything at that point. Scared for their lives, Allison, Lydia, and especially Jackson were going to believe the werewolves' bit. And if Allison didn't believe it, then her father and aunt have done an even better job at hiding their occupation than I originally thought.

And about dear, sweet Allison. I loved her decision to tell Scott "don't call," especially after watching her and Jackson have such a nice moment earlier in the episode. Was Jax sincerely concerned for Allison's well being? Maybe not, but I'd take him over Scott any day. Anyone up to join my new Jallison fan club?

Jackson, while attempting to steal Allison - even though he currently dates Lydi - continues to have some strange stuff going on with him. The only new information we learned about his condition is that when the alpha turned Scott into a wolf, he seemed to have a similar control over Jackson. That is a story I can't wait to see pan out.

So as we continue to head down the second half of this first season of Teen Wolf, Scott has to attempt to stop himself from killing his best friends while under the influence of the alpha wolf. Sounds easy enough, right?


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I'm just kinda confused because how does a red eyed best+ howls and growls= Derek Hale. Lydia, Jackson, and Allison shouldn't have fallen for that.


great review! I'm totally on team Jallison!!




great review. i actually would not mind a little jackson/allison. i also can't wait to see the connection between jackson, scott, and the alpha. derek is definitely not dead, he is going to make some surprise return sooner or later haha

Kiki berkey

Good review. I don;t like that Scott threw Derek under the bus but this isn't the first time. I mean he got Derek thrown in jail for saying Derek killed his sister. I hate the thought of Jackson and Allison.. Jackson has an agenda when it comes to Allison and that is Scott. Whether it is just a curious Jackson who is pissed at Scott for stealing his spotlight and out of nowhere got better at lacrosse or if he is being possessed by the alpha. Jackson's agenda is Scott. This isn't the end for Scott and Allison.. The way she was acting with love and care when he wanted to leave to fight the alpha or when he wasn't answering his phone? (he doesn't have a phone) What is the point of setting up a Romeo and Juliet unforbidden love if you're just going to tear them apart before the reveal to Allison that her family are werewolf hunters and her boyfriend is a werewolf. Plus Crystal Reed said Allison will have to make a choice at the season between loyalty (her family) and love (Scott). So they're not over. If anything Jackson just showed how much of a jackass he is. One of the highlights for this episode was when Stiles hit Jackson.. Somebody should have done it sooner.


Derek can't be dead because his car was gone from the parking lot by the time Allison,Jackson, and Lydia got there and the alpha was obviously still inside. I'm just surprised Derek didn't come back to save them after his body healed itself but his wounds must be so bad he had to take off and recuperate. I can't believe Scott gave Stiles' dad the same story as he did the others knowing how it well it went with them. It's also weird that Jackson's scratch hasn't healed the way Scot's bite did but maybe it has something with Derek being a beta who knows. There are still alot of questions to be answered that's for sure


scott is going to be soooo heart broken and jealous if jax is trying to hook up with allison surely something to wolf-out about xD all this weird thing going on with Jax seems fishy to me. If u ask me jax is the type more likely to work or be allied with the Alpha. Jax will be there to lure Scott in, in return of wolf superpowers cause u he always wanted to be the best.


Good review, I think tonight's episode was pretty good. Scott should have told them is was the alpha and not blame it on Derek because Derek is the only one trying to protect Scott from the Alpha and trying to teach him before Stiles does it first. I don't really like Jackson and the fact he is going out of his way to comfort Allison when Lydia is there is a low blow. The only thing that has me puzzled is why the alpha would have a control over Jackson when those two do not share a certain link like Scott and the alpha. I think the story might go down the line where the alpha wants Scott to kill Jackson especially after the preview for next weeks show. As we seen Scott shifted back to human when he heard Allison's voice, which makes me believe he could never harm her. One last thing, Derek's not dead there is a full episode list online which has Derek in the rest of the season.


@Dana, dvr's can be a pain! What Scott noticed from a distance was that his boss appeared and was sitting in the back of an ambulance thanking Scott for saving him without mentioning where he disappeared off too!


great review of the episode! one question though, as my "start over" cut off the very end- what happened? Scott had just explained to Stiles about wanting to kill him and then Scott's attention gets focused on something in the distance...he begins to walk and bam! "start over" and "live tv" options show up!! BS! Please tell me what happened :)

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