Teen Wolf Season Finale Spoilers: Who Dies? Who Turns?

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Four episodes remain on season one of Teen Wolf.

We already know the MTV series will return next summer, meaning it can afford to leave viewers hanging off a cliff on the upcoming finale - and, based on a few tidbits revealed at Comic-Con this weekend, it sounds like that's the exact plan.

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There will be a death on the August 15 season finale, cast members confirmed, while not everyone will survive the episode as a human.

"There'll be several cliffhangers, and it's nice to know we now have a second season to resolve them," said producer Jeff Davis. "The cliffhanger will also explore how to possibly cure werewolves."

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if stiles ends up turning that would be cool because stiles would probably use it to his advantage to get girls and be a better lacrosse player. and he could actually stand a chance against derek if it came to blows because he was offered the chance from the alpha, most likely he will become a beta or omega. he might be twice as funny because he would go through the same stages scott did with hearing, seeing and smelling things he shouldnt hahahaha


just by chance alone, i believe its between jackson and lydia. chances are whoever turns between them two will be an omega for sure. if lydia turns she wil be the first omega and female werewolf which would introduce what omegas are capable of in comparision to the alphas and betas. if lydia dies which is more likely then she's dead because she doesnt really have any ties to the storyline. if jackson turns then he will be the weakest and will probably try to help the hunters to take down scott and derek as revenge. p.s. did anyone notice that a bite from an alpha makes u a beta so a scratch or bite from a beta should make u and omega right?


First of all, they will never kill scott. They most likely won't kill these people this season: Stiles, Allison, Derek, Kate, or Scott's mom. But these are the people (and werewolves lol) they might kill off in order: 1. Jackson I think would be the first they would kill off because he's an asshole and will never be good, he's just dead-weight really, the scratch is taking too long, it's probably not even working. 2. Lydia, because even though she's more important than Jackson, she is kinda just there. But I don't really think they are gonna kill her off because the love fling with styles is growing. 3. The alpha, because he's the main antagonist...and let's face it, he's evil. But killing him would solve the problem, and that's not good for the show! Okay, people I think might be turned in order are: 1. Lydia, she had that whole freaky, bloody preview part, and her cuts are deeper than Jackson's. 2. Jackson, but even though he has those cuts, it's taking waaay too long for him to turn, it should've happened by now. I think he's just a dumb character. 3. Stiles, because he is offered by the alpha to be turned and it shows him almost being bit. Though, something could happen at the last moment (most likely, the whole Stile's-being-turned thing is probably just a ploy by MTV to make us believe he'll be turned when acctually Lydia or Jackson does), I think Stiles we'll come to his senses and pull away, angering the alpha, but Scott will swoop in and save the day with Derek, killing the alpha. But this is all my opinion :)


i think it will be jackson who dies because scott is the main charcter and the show would be useless without him so thats logic. alisson is like the 3 main charcter so i know she wont die. lydia might turn because in the snaek peak she was acting all crazy but then again it might have been alisson just seeing things. the preview did say someone dies and someone turns. i dont think the alpha will die just yet because it seems like he has work to do. but then again it could be scotts mother who dies because the alpha is after her. i also dont think it would be derek who dies because he is the 2 main charcter and i think she might hurt scott. but then again it could be alissons dad who dies because of what his family did. all i know is that whoever dies it will be someone who is shown in the episodes buit is the least important.


I don't think that Scott, Derek, Kate, Stiles will die. Scott is the main character and they defiantly won't kill him so soon since I can see this show going at least two more seasons. Derek I don't think is going to die YET anyway because there is still so much to learn about him and his past which Kate is apparently interlocked with. Stiles might die but I don't think so because it's to early to kill him off also (and I would riot if he was lol I love Stiles) I think that Lydia will change since she was attacked. I think the most probable to die is Jackson.


I think Stiles would end up taking the bite and it would end up killing him! Then Lydia would turn as well as jackson... so the season will leave off with the new pack! Scott, Lydia, Jackson, Derrik and the Alpha!


Derek should not die. There is so much to his past yet to be discovered which links with Kate. So she shouldn't die and neither should Stiles (obviously not Scott). It should either be Lydia or Jackson - they can be seen as dead weights. Jackson knows the truth and is pretty much useless and a traitor. Lydia was attacked and it would be better for Stiles to start a fresh. A new storyline him cutting ties with Jackson because he feels he's responsible. Characters who shouldn't die
Scott On the fence (but least likely)
Allison Characters who could....
Allison's dad
The Alpha


i think the person who will die will be the alpha. he is evil and in most storys they die. scott wont die because he is the main character. allison wont die because scott love her and the girlfriends usualy wont die.jackson might but not likely that scott would cry and screem over him. derek might die prottecting scott but not in this season. i also think styles wont take the bite. when he will be about to let him have it will be some sort of distracion so in the end the top people to die will be derrek the alpha or jackson- email me at jamaal_bryan18@yahoo.com


I think the best candidates for death are: Allison Argent
Jackson This is my reasoning: I know that we can't base this on Teen Wolf from 1985, but they do use the same character names for Scott and Stiles. I think they might kill off Allison and introduce Lisa "Boof" Marconi as a new love interest. There will be more tension this way as Scott will never want to hurt anyone ever again. He might end up like Derek Hale and be a loner. Lydia and Jackson might die also and they might introduce Pamela and Mick as the new "popular kids." This is all speculation. Time and time again, we've seen reboots pull a fast one on us. Remember the Dead Zone? We all knew that in the Christopher Walken version, Johnny dies when he attempts an assassination of Stilson, but they retrofitted the legend by saying because Bruce was his "guide" he never went down that path. In one episode, they showed that alternate reality which was just like the movie version. Smallville did that also with Jimmy Olsen being the older brother of the real Jimmy Olsen. I remember I was confused because this Jimmy was older than Clark and in the comic books and movies, Jimmy was always a kid. They then killed him off and stated that the Jimmy we met was the older brother of the real Jimmy Olsen and the older Jimmy wasn't even called Jimmy (he was using his middle name which was his younger brother's actual first name). I think next season's Teen Wolf will be very interesting. With that being said, Scott's real last name from his father might be Howard and not McCall (which will be like the movie). He might've taken his mother's last name. Think about it. If his mother was divorced, why did she keep her ex-husband's last name. Besides, this is the 21st century where a woman doesn't need to take a man's surname. All in all, whatever direction they take, or who they kill off, I'm sure it will be interesting and I'm looking forward to the season finale.



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