The Closer Review: "Repeat Offender"

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Does everything on The Closer happen on the sly these days? Delk definitely died, but things are not going to be the same as they used to be.

Captain Raydor

The show honestly expected me to believe that the entire squad found out Pope was the Interim Chief of Police at the funeral?!? How did that even happen? They were all set to move him to Traffic, and then he's Chief? Something smells very fishy here.

The only positive to the end of Delk's story - as shown in "Repeat Offender" - was seeing everyone in their dress blues. I think it's the first time in series history that happened, no?

I'm having a hard time swallowing this as a series-concluding season. Things just don't seem to make sense. Or, perhaps, I just never read the degree of Pope's feelings toward both Raydor and Chief Johnson due to Brenda's run for chief of police.

If the show was hoping to soften Raydor prior to her spinoff, such a change started tonight. She was genuinely concerned about her relationship with Brenda, and she and Pope practically had it out over his decision not to allow her to close the investigation into major crimes.

I actually felt sorry for Raydor as she tried to talk, in code, to Brenda to clue her into Pope's actions. The two women had come so close to being friends. Watching their interaction over Pope was downright painful.

Apparently, Pope will do absolutely anything to keep his job as interim Chief of Police. Brenda had no idea about Pope's position on the investigation, simply trusting in their old relationship. Kudos to Fritz for reading Pope to the letter. Listen to him, Brenda!

Elsewhere, let's all sympathize with Tao for trying to get through to the laptop support group. We've all been there, haven't we?

What stinks about all of this is that Brenda and Raydor are both great at their jobs. They're strong and effective. But an aging, frightened, almost ex-assistant Chief of Police is willing to put their lives (and the lives of the entire Los Angeles community) on the line. Shape up or ship out, Pope.


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That's a bummer. I didn't know this was going to be the last season. I echo Lois' sentiments that this group of actors are indeed great. How indeed DID Pope manage to get himself the interim chief position? Must be some kind of intra-agency politics behind the decision. It's sad that not only on a tv show but, in real life, the people chosen to protect the public are promoted not based on merit so much as they are based upon politics. Even though I disliked him during the first couple seasons I feel bad for Commander Taylor. I mean, the poor guy didn't even have a proper office last year and now his promotion has been taken away from him. I'm looking forward to next week's episode. When Flynn and Provenza screw up, things tend to get a bit crazy.


I didn't pay any attention last night, but Jonathan Del Arco (who plays the medical examiner) is almost always listed in the opening credits.


Who would have thought we'd be wishing for Delk's return. Pope is such a small person (not literally, of course). Small minded and small acting. I totally agree -- how does he go from traffic to interim chief? I hope the series ends with him gone and with Brenda's becoming chief. It's so ironic that right as Delk was dying he said he'd overreacted into the investigation of Brenda's conduct. Now you have Pope wanting to throw her under the bus. No one there should trust him. I have really grown to like Commander Taylor, and I'd much rather have him around than Pope.


Do you know the medical examiner isn't even listed in the cast? I forgot his name and had to go on a treasure hunt to find it.


I so hate that this is the last season. This group of people are so great!


1. When the 2 officers were killed in the street a few seasons ago, everyone was in dress blues then. They did not show the funeral but showed the MC squad, Pope and so on in their dress blues. 2. No, it is not their son. The young actor was Spencer Treat Clark. He played Bruce Willis' son.


per IMDB; it doesn't appear to be their son. However, I wish it were easier to find out the names of guest stars on this show.


Who played the young man Brenda arrested. Was it Kyra and Kevin Bacon's son?

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Pope: Look, I don't know exactly what happened that day, but obviously dropping off Terrill Baylor off in front of angry gang members was not Chief Johnson's finest hour.
Raydor: And insisting on immunity for a child killer was not yours.

Did you see their sunburns? I guess they never heard of skin cancer.