The Vampire Diaries Caption Contest 67

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The 67th edition of The Vampire Diaries Caption Contest has come and gone. Did you get your submission in on time?

Many thanks to all who did, and a special shout-out to "Mrs. Salvatore." This user made us laugh the hardest with the entry posted below. Check it out now and don't fret if you didn't win:

There's always next week!

Classic VD Pic

Vicki: I now call the Supernatural Lovers Support Group to order.

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VICKY: What you been up to? I'll go first, I'm hottie, right? but then I die and come back as a kickass vampire... and then I die again. But now I'm here, like alive or something. TYLER: Nice... I'm a rich dude, son of the mayor. Then I kill someone and become a HOT WEREWOLF. Then I leave town with a hot she wolf, yeah like Shakira, and steal this blondie's girlfriend. What about you, Matt? MATT: I'm a waiter at the local restaurant... AND a high school football star. Yeah... IN YOU FACE!


Matt: "So Viki, what's the best thing about being a vampire?"
Viki: "ummm... a never ending supply of black nail varnish."


Vicki n Tyler:Matt,we heard u complainin about being one of the last remainin "breathers" on the show n that u r not supernatural lyk most of us n we hav a solution to ua problem...Tyler: How wld u lyk 2 b a "Vampire's Assistant"? Matt: Hell yea!now we talkin! Half-Vampire Half-human..N i can hav Caroline or Stef as my mentor! Tyler: stay away from Caroline! Matt: damn,dont get all territorial with her,she aint urs yet! Tyler: uv been marked!!!


Vicki: Awkward silence


tyler to vicki: damn girl, u got hotter since season 1 i can tell! matt (unable to see vicki): WAT??? vicki to tyler: oooh u been working out? ur bicepts are turning me on! tyler to vicki: ya i been working out, u wanna feel my rock hard ass? matt (unable to see vicki): dude? i dunno know if u know, but im not gay tyler: i know ur not gay, jeez! tyler to vicki: omg i wanna go down on u so bad! matt (unable to see vicki): uh u obvs dont know im straight and i didnt know u were gay, so im walking away before i barf *matt gets up and walks away* tyler: wait matt! i wasnt talking to u.....oh shit this is not gunna look good on me tomorrow at practice, SHIT!


matt: tyler we have some bad news, the review for ur acting playing as mystic falls' werewolf wasnt so good, the producers are bringing back mason to replace u vicki: sorry ty, its just not working tyler: no please, i can change, i will get better\ matt: sorry dude, its not u its.....well actually ya it is u *tyler starts crying* vicki: please, dont make this harder than it has to be tyler: wwwhhhhhhyyyyyyyy!!!!!!! *more crying*


matt to tyler: please tell me ur not gunna try and get with my sister again dude... tyler to matt: well if she wants to im all for it! *matt slaps tyler* vicki: chill matty, im with jeremy now tyler: wat duz he have tht i dont have? vicki: a penis enlarger matt: ooooooooooooooooooooh! burnage!!!! *laughs* tyler: damn it! i knew i shud of gotten one when i had the chance, turns out on the porn site i was on, when they were pawning one off it was a good deal cuz within 5 minutes someone had bought it, now im f*cked! vicki: ha ha no ur not, not with a penis tht size! *laughs*


matt: omg u guys are back! so wats new tyler: i got offered a part in Teen Wolf vicki: and i got offered a part in True Blood matt: but u guys already have jobs, tyler ur mystic falls' new watch dog, and vicki, u made this town ur own gas'n'sip vicki: i feel dissed, wat about u tyler? tyler: ya so dissed! matt: well thts wat u get for rubbing it in my face tht u guys are supernatural and im just natural, and also for bragging u got parts in really lame shows vicki/tyler: OUCH! tyler: dude, dont be bitter vicki: *eyeing matts neck* oh hes not bitter, trust me...hes really sweet and tangy and tasty matt: i sure hope ur talking about my personality vicki: *biting lip and looking down* ya sure thts wat i was talking about........ tyler: uh oh matt! u mite wanna apologize for dissing ur sister, shes looking at u like ur something to eat matt: oh shit, i shud run......


Vicky: Guess what, I got the name of Elijah's hairdresser.


Matt: Vicky, we have to talk to you.
Vicky: Is butter a carb?
Tyler (grins): Yes.
Matt: Vicky, you're wearing blue. It's Monday.
Vicky: So...?
Matt: So that's against the rules, and you can't sit with us.
Vicky: Whatever. Those rules aren't real.
Tyler: They were real that day I wore plaid!
Vicky: Because plaid is disgusting!
Matt (screams): You can't sit with us!
Vicky (hesitating): These are the only clothes I have as a ghost. [pause] Fine! You can walk home, bitches.

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