The Vampire Diaries Caption Contest 67

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The 67th edition of The Vampire Diaries Caption Contest has come and gone. Did you get your submission in on time?

Many thanks to all who did, and a special shout-out to "Mrs. Salvatore." This user made us laugh the hardest with the entry posted below. Check it out now and don't fret if you didn't win:

There's always next week!

Classic VD Pic

Vicki: I now call the Supernatural Lovers Support Group to order.

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Vicki: I now call the Supernatural Lovers Support Group to order.


Matt: So is this show trying to add as many supernatural creatures that they can think of?
Tyler: Yeah I know the next time the writers will have someone come back from the dead and may or may not have them see dead people.
Vicki: Wow. Guys chill I mean I wouldn`t mind if I came back from the dead. Just saying...


Hey Matt! Wanna teach Tyler and me how to dougie?


*Matt, texting on his phone* Tyler: Dude, who are you texting
Vicky *giggling*: Or "what" are you texting
Matt: Anthony Weiner
Tyler: So is that what you call it now?
Matt:...Not helping


Vicki: Hey, did you guys see Transformers 3?
Matt: Yeah!
Tyler: Nah. Sure, there were plenty of explosions, but there weren't any vampires. What's a good movie without the vampires?
Vicki: Spoilsport.


Vicky to Matt: OMG, you and Klaus??
Matt: Yep, it was amazing!
Tyler: Yeah, he did an awesome job with your hair
Matt: I know, right?

Rhianna speranzo

Tyler: So our mascot is the TimberWolf? haha if only you knew.

Rhianna speranzo

Tyler (thinking): So if i get back with Vikki, Matt will kill me... if i get together with Caroline on the other hand, Matt will still kill me. Decisions decisions.


Ty 2 Vicki:So they brot u bak,do u think theyl bring bak my dad 2?Vicki: Mayb,coz hes also stuck btw 2 worlds!Matt: n mayb theyl bring bak our mother from wereva she is.Talk about a full family reunion!


Matt: you know, you're going to die and come back.
Vicki: who doesn't in this town?
Tyler: It's true. Stefan, Damon, Elena, Bonnie, Jeremy, just to name a few...

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Vampire Diaries Quotes

He's your first love. I intend to be your last. However long it takes.

Klaus [to Caroline]

Stefan Salvatore. Why Stefan? Why didn't you go for Damon? Or do you enjoy them both? Like Katherine did.