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Alaric: So, if I pout just like this, do you think I look like Jensen Ackles? Just a little bit?


Alaric: I'm your History teacher, not your goddamn German teacher so could someone please tell me how to spell my stupid German last name?!

(No offense to Germans or the name Saltzman)


Alaric: "My name is Alaric Saltzman, I'm your new history teacher. I moonlight as a vampire hunter and am on the hunt to find and kill my wife's abductor, I..." *is cut off* Yes, I said Alaric..."


STUDENT: Professor, you wrote it wrong. It's TMZ, not TZM...


Alaric: It's Alaric, not ALAric, ALaric, ALARic and definitely not Ric! Yes I am looking to you Elena!


Ric: Good Morning Class, the name is "Victor Zazzman"
Elena: Why does it say on the board "Alaric Saltzman"?
Ric: I need it to compete with the vampires of the town!!

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