The Vampire Diaries Season 3: First Promo!

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Forget everything you know about Mystic Falls.

So teases the first official promo for season three of The Vampire Diaries, which focuses on Stefan's dark turn and teases a hunger this blood sucker can't resist, a passion he can no longer deny.


Are you excited to see this new Stefan? Think it will lead to the official creation of Delena? Weigh in now with your thoughts/hope for season three in our Vampire Diaries forum!

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Gaby ee

Yes! I cannot wait for season 3. And even though we had already seen most of the scenes in this promo (except for the new angle on the Delena kiss!) I absolutely loved it. How come old scenes look so exciting and sexy?


why nothing about tyler and caroline??!! D:


Cannot wait. Wonder if Damons going to spend this season crying, chasing after Elena. LOL Yay, Caroline and Tyler. They are so sexy.


The passion they can no longer deny!
I can't wait!


Was this supposed to be a promo for next season, because all I saw was a summary of last season. I am truly disappointed. I was so excited too. I thought they might show something about this new season coming up. I don't care to see a rehash of scenes from last season. All I can say is that I hope Tyler and Caroline get together this season, since they are the reason I watch the show still. I agree with the Poor Stefan comment. I mean I too expect that of Damon so no surprise. I lost respect for Elena a long time ago, but that was because I read the books. If we get any Damon and Bonnie action I will be surprised, since it seems that their main focus is on the main love triangle. No offense but I find the love triangle boring.


haha katherine appears more often in the trailer season 2 then elena :D

Uncle jackass

Also, after watching the promo, I initially thought it was giving no insight. But at 1:07 mark is a different angle to the Delena kiss; I suspect it was too passionate to use in the episode....

Uncle jackass

@amy, Not to disagree as the books show a type of crushing and reciprocated feelings between Damon & Bonnie but the Television series has yet set any foundation other than mutual respect for one another. If this season is suppose to set a great foundation for Bonnie & Damon while also allowing Delena to come to heads then it has to be done very delicately. E.g. get Delena to become quite physical while letting Damon save Bonnie's life on more than one occasion.


Can't wait. I am hoping that season 3 is the beginning of Bonnie and Damon. BAMON FTWWWWWW


OH MY FRICKEN GOD,i actually cant f**king waaiiitt!!!aaaahhhhh damon and elenaa,its so frikken exiittinggg:OOOO!!ahhhh faackkk xxooxxxoo

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