The Vampire Diaries to Make Like... Shakespeare?

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O Tyler, Tyler! Wherefore art thou Tyler?

William Shakespeare might not be the first name one associates with The Vampire Diaries, but Kevin Williamson teases that this will change on season three, thanks to Caroline and Tyler. They are "building to be a fun, romantic Romeo and Juliet" type of relationship, the producer told EW this week.

“We now have a mother who knows her daughter’s a vampire, and we might soon have a mayor who figures out that her son is a werewolf,” Williamson says. “When that happens, it’s certainly building itself to a family feud."

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It definitely sounds like Matt is out of the romantic picture, but that doesn't mean all will be smooth sailing for Caroline and Tyler. Adds fellow producer Julie Plec:

“When their mothers find out the truth about each of them, they’re gonna have a say in whether the two of them should be together."

In other season three news, someone will be turning 18 on the September 15 premiere and someone might be getting a new love interest!

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@ melanie yes they both die, but i don't think that will happen to forwood !! It can't !!

Gaby ee

Yay for more Caroline and Tyler! Let's just hope that their story doesn't end like Romeo and Juliet's.


but...don't Romeo and Juliet both die in the end?




Really this news got me so excited, i don't even care that much about D/E/S anymore as i care about them !!


Best. Season 3. Spoiler.


But of course it would play out as a Romeo and Juliet theme. If Both parents know that a werewolf and a vampire shouldn't be together then wouldn't it make sense for them to not want Tyler and Caroline to be in a relationship. So of course Carol and Liz are going to have there differences it's actually realistic. And how is this any different from John Gilbert not wanting Elena to be going out with a vampire? It's not it just parents wanting what they think is best for there children. Enough with the boring Elena love triangle bring us some more Caroline and Tyler!


Looking forward to it.


So Tyler's mom factually have something to do, finally. Congrat to her!

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I think that Tyler and Caroline being the "Romeo and Juliet" part seems kind of lame. If Tyler and Caroline's secrets are revealed, who knows what kind of family feud they'll end up in. I'm still excited that Elena will turn 18 in the next season, but will be wrong is if she falls in love with Damon and forgets about Stefan. If Stefan wasn't his bad self right now and not be with Klaus, and if he sees that he's losing Elena from Damon, this will definitely break Stefan's heart, Elena will probably see that Stefan doesn't want to be around her, she'll probably worry over this while being around with Damon, and the whole show will go topsy turvy. I sure hope this doesn't happen and that Elena will help save Stefan with Damon cause if he doesn't, he'll have to change his attitude and get being over with his feud with Stefan. I love this show soooo much that I can't wait for it's arrival anymore. XD =O =(

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