True Blood Review: You Killed My Godmother!

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All hail King Bill.

It's been said many times over the first couple episodes of season four, but it bears repeating after his behavior throughout "If You Love Me, Why Am I Dyin'?: Bill Compton has been more interesting in these three hours than he's been in the previous three seasons combined.

Fairy Godmother

It's been a thrill to watch him lay down the law, as this is one monarch - unlike Sophie-Anne and Russell Edgington - who isn't corrupted by power. Quite the opposite, in fact. He's abiding strictly by it, placing the cause of the American Vampire League above any sympathy he might feel for that poor blood sucker.

The rise of King Bill is placed in contract to the fall of once-mighty Eric.

We asked last week whether Eric is sexier without his swagger and bravado. Reader opinion seems mixed, but Sookie's view is clear: she's more intrigued by this lost soul than ever. And he does still look like Alexander SkarsgÄrd, so I expect these two to be shower hopping together in no time.

It's also worth tossing this quote out there, only because it's such classic True Blood:

Sookie: You killed my fairy godmother!
Eric: Sorry. | permalink

The triumvirate of Bill, Eric and Sookie has led the way so far on season four, but these storylines/characters are worth noting:

  • We can all agree Jessica did cheat on Hoyt, right? The show has established the sexual element involved in sucking one's blood, leaving Jessica with a dilemma: unleash her inner Pam and satisfy that appetite, or suppress the urge and order a year's worth of Tru Blood. Let's hope messing with Hoyt's mind each week isn't one of the options.
  • Sam's interactions with a V-addicted Andy are far more exciting than any conversation he has with Tommy or his fellow shape-shifters. I love vampires, I enjoyed the introduction of werewolves, Marnie has the witches off to a good start - but shape-shifters might be one supernatural element too far. I just don't care about any of them.
  • That line of young Hotshot females awaiting their turn with Jason? Downright eerie. I can't even make a Ryan Kwanten sex joke here.
  • Marnie reminds me a lot of Doc Ock from Spider-Man 2. We never got a glimpse of her life pre-wiccan, but we're still watching her learn about her powers and discover the affect they can have on other beings. I don't even get the sense that she's evil, just curious. A great new character.
  • Welcome back, Alcide. Not such a welcome back to Debbie. Or Alcide's shirt.

What did everyone else think?


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Great episode. Skarsgard is a good actor. The ending was perfect! Tara with wooden bullets, yeah! You can't glamour away all your problems. Bill's a good king (200 years in cement might have been just as just). Poor Jason! I wonder if Jason will get any Faerie powers.


The transformation of Eric is unbelievable, his acting ability comes through like never before. I almost didn't recognize him as the same person.
What a talent!


Until you get to the hotshot scenes it's great. Scenes with Jason are disturbing and just wrong.


Bill had the most intensely emotional scenes of any character in this episode. Heartbreaking and badass. Eric was funny, but way too childlike to be sexy. Poor Jason.


Edie, I agree with you. I discovered True Blood 2 years ago and quickly caught up. When there was nothing else but wait, I got all the books and read them so quickly. I thought the series would at least follow the story line. It's getting there but it's not like it. Claudine dead kills a lot of story later on.. Bill being king, though it's good to see his character actually doing something, it's weird. I guess they will have to make up a whole new story line since they killed Sophie Ann and the book after this it's all about protecting her. I guess I need to watch TB without expecting for it to be similar to the book...
I still love TB!!!


Worth noting that the scene where Sookie was reading a book, I think when Eric was gone, and she had the house to herself the author of the book was "...lene Harris" which is of course the author of the Sookie Stackhouse novels! Interesting little tidbit.


As "Bridget" stated below, apperently all scandinavians (Eric is from Sweden) are lost and confused....thanks Loved this episode!

Leigh r

I love where everything is going with the vamps and witches. Extremely creeped out by the whole Jason getting gangbanged in hotshot scenario, like really really disturbed. Also really over Tommy's character and the possessed baby storyline. Great to see Alcide, barely recognized Debbie.


I only watch for Eric/Sookie scenes. Not enough of these two.


Kind of a let down. This was my favorite book in the entire series and I never thought they would follow the book exactly but come on. Eric is soooo awesome and sweet in this book and Alan Ball's not doing that justice. I really hope that changes. Plus the way Jesus, Tara and the witches are blaming Eric is just downright frustrating. The only one who had any sense was Lafayette and I want to see more of Pam! I'm sad that they killed off Claudine, I think there was so much more they could do with her. I'm still trying to wrap my brain around Bill being king. I haven't decided if I like it or hate it yet. The hotshot thing is too hinky for me with the line of girls...ick! Possessed baby and Tommy's schemes are just annoying. But I do like the fact that Sookie's finally getting a backbone, if only she'd do that with Bill...

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You have 24 hours to bring her to me, or I'll eat, fuck and kill each and every single one of you.


Sookie: You killed my fairy godmother.
Eric: Sorry.