True Blood Review: Wiccan Awesome!

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You drank the whole fairy. Now go to your room!

Oh, Eric, you adorable, innocent, cursed viking of a vampire, you. While the actions of this deliciously drunk blood sucker were cuter than ever on "I'm Alive and on Fire," think about the ramifications that are befalling those trying to help him:

Sookie has lied to Bill, Alcide has revealed to Debbie that he's been to Bon Temps and Pam has lost her face. Is seeing Eric more vulnerable and less shirtless than ever really worth all this trouble? Various characters might not share your answer to that question, female fans.

Fiona Shaw as Marnie

There have been few funnier scenes in True Blood history than the opening shots of Eric slapping Sookie's (beautiful) butt, and the subsequent back-and-forth between him in the water and a naked Alcide on shore, alongside Sookie.

Later, an interesting point was raised: is this the real Eric? When he eventually regains his memory, will he be a changed being due to this run of naivete? Or will he return to the arrogant, dangerous vampire we all love... but Sookie could never really love?

Over in Tommy land, meanwhile... just kidding. Who the heck cares? I can't be the only one hoping Joe Lee actually kills him, can I?

At least Tommy's boring storyline is making his brother look interesting by comparison. Are we headed for a Shifter vs. Werewolf battle over Luna? And, if so, might Sam benefit from the assistance of a certain dog-fighting family? At least that would bring these arcs together.

Speaking of bringing people together, is the show teasing a Jessica/Jason hook up? Or am I reading too much into the latter's nearly-dying gaze at his savior? Hoyt's a nice guy and all, but sorry man. If your girlfriend is struggling with her natural vampire urges, and a sweaty Jason Stackhouse has his eyes set on her, you should just start crawling back to that lioness who kicked you out before. You're gonna need a place to live.

Then again, Jason might have other concerns at the moment. The kind related to full moons and ghost daddies and the forced implanting of his seed and... yech.

Finally, it really doesn't appear as if Marnie is in control of her powers. Vengeful, Burned-at-the-Stake Crazy Deceased Witch Lady means serious business. Moreover, unlike the history between werewolves and vampires, there's no long-running feud here. Only Bill is concerned. Nan blows off the possibility (funny, relevant reference to Salem), Pam is unafraid to confront Marnie. What's so special about this wiccan? Why has she chosen Marnie? And, seriously, has an hour of television ever featured more male rear ends?

Such are the questions on my mind after the latest strong outing of True Blood. So far on season four, the series has found the ideal way to freshen up the Bill/Sookie/Eric love triangle. All it took was a curse and a promotion. One is king, the other is confused and I'm content.


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Holy cow am I the only one that feels like there is a complete charachter change?? I dont even know who these charachters are


Sam and Tommy running naked through the woods all the time, Jesús and Lafayette getting in on all the time and now Tara is a lesbo. This has turned into a seriously gay show. The unabashed heterosexual orgies and constant pointless sex scenes in the past seasons were over the top but at least they were tolerable. I'm sure if I keep watching the writers will eventually have Bill and Eric blowing each other. Really sad. There were few characters left that were pillars and they made Andy a V junkie. Meth lab Hillbillies are Werepanthers give me a break. Can't stand the show now. Four episodes into season 4 and I'm finished. In Season 5 there are actually no humans, everyone is some ridiculous supernatural being. Saturation is never good writing. They should cancel the show or fire all the writers.


All the 'white trash' characters on this show are gross. Know, though, that there are people JUST LIKE THEM, living somewhere in the south and other places. (No, they don't shift!) Alcide is, by far, the hottest guy on this show. Eric is adorable, right now, but his looks don't match Alcide's, at all... Rosemary's, er...Arlene's baby..that could be interesting, but I bet they have to age the baby A LOT, to make the character endure. A demon child...where have we seen THAT before? LOL


I love the new episode, we still have alot to catch up on


Bill knows that Eric is in Sookies house, he's just not letting on. He knows that Eric is an ally for protection of Sookie and he thinks that Sookie has already fallen in love with Eric. The whole Hotshot storyline should be over if there is any lick of sense in Alan Ball's head, what a disaster that is. I was really hoping that Tara was leaving the show when she drove off last season, low and behold she's back and thinks shes Buffy the vampire slayer. Lafayette needs to get back in the kitchen, on the road crew and the website pronto, otherwise his character is irrelavent. Andy is the most boring V addict in history, clean him up!! And someone tell Ms.Paquin that she keeps dropping her southern accent. So far Eric is the only interesting storyline this season, and this last show was the most we got to see of him, which was about 7 minutes total. I see a cancellation of this show in the near future if Ball doesn't get these storylines cleaned up.


Loved all the male skin!


Could not care less about the Sam/Tommy/Andy/Jason storyline...seriously: I wish we could see more of the vampires and their interaction with humans.


Eric was awesome. I'd like to see a Jason/Jessica friendship and/or romance. I actually like Sam this season though I feel he's gonna lose his cool eventually. All the werepanthers (excluding Jason if he becomes one), Tommy's family, and Mrs Hoytenbury need to be written off. It's funny that there haven't been any naked Wicca scenes (due to a lot of nudity already I'm guessing). What's wrong with banging your great great great great granddaughter?

Leigh r

I'm so happy that Jason escaped! This show sees a lot of crazy but Crystal might just take the cake. I'm so skeeved out by this storyline, I find it hard to watch. More skeeved out than I was seeing Joe Lee in his dirty ass tighty whiteys last season. Although I'm really wishing the Mickens clan would just STAY GONE, I felt bad for Tommy. Love Eric, Alcide, Sookie, Laffa. I know there's a lot of argument about this so I will just say that as one of the book readers, I really don't see it as a big deal that Alan Ball changes things. That's the whole point of creative license, buying the rights, etc. Charlaine Harris knows and has stated that he will always do her characters justice. But I do agree that there's just too much happening sometimes, it makes it hard to focus on the storylines.


Jason and the Pussycats sucks. I want my vampires back.

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