True Blood Review: "You Smell Like Dinner"

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That was an exceptional episode of True Blood.

As I said in last week's review, the season premiere moved many pieces around and mostly just set the stage for what we could expect this summer.

Having gotten a close glimpse at all of it on "You Smell Like Dinner," I couldn't be more excited for what's to come. Through a series of revealing quotes, let's review what went down...

Marnie Photo

Technology takes all the fun out of being a vampire. Seriously, how funny is Pam? And how cool is it for the show to meld together this supernatural universe with the actual issue of how cell phones and social networks have affected the actions of those in the spotlight?

I can eat who I want. In many ways, Jessica is the most interesting character on
True Blood. She's young, she's confused, she's new to this world and she's in love. And she's portrayed in an fun, adorable fashion by Jessica Hamby. I love the focus on her through two episodes.

You've got Queen on you. I also love flashbacks. It was fun to see Stephen Moyer use his real accent in that scene from 1982 and it added more layers to Bill to see how he truly arrived in Bon Temps. It wasn't because he was spying for Sophie-Ann. It was because he was spying for Nan Flanagan ON Sophie-Ann. The further we get away from Bill as merely a guy in love with Sookie, the better.

I mean... what the fuck? Well said, Lafayette. I didn't put together the dangers that Marnie's bird resurrection could create for vampires. But now it makes perfect sense why Bill and Eric would see this ability as such a threat. More great work from Fiona Shaw as Marnie and more intrigue from this coven. The storyline even did a strong job weaving in Tara's return.

It will only hurt in the beginning. Jason as a were-panther? At least that gives this Hotshot storyline a purpose. And at least it gave us a major glimpse at Ryan Kwanten's abs.

There are two Sookies; Why do you smell so good? Yes, Eric gets two quotes, and neither even references how hilarious he is as a landlord. (New microwave? Cool. New cubby? A gift too far.)

While the concept of Sookie as a fairy seems a bit cheesy, it instantly becomes more interesting if such a realization provides the character with a new viewpoint on life, along with new references to spreading her legs for Eric. Hot and potentially fascinating stuff all around.

And then we have Eric as an innocent, lost, wandering soul. Spoilers had revealed this spell-based change was on the way, so it didn't come as a shock. But it opens up a multitude of possibilities for an Eric that is now Bill's subordinate... and isn't even aware of the fact that the roles were once reversed. Might this vulnerability land him in that shower with Sookie?

A rich, enjoyable episode overall, one that revved things up to True Blood levels of suspense, intrigue and fun. I loved it.


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What the freak?? I think it is just getting horrible.... it just seems like totally new charachters.. i like I have never met these people....


Excellent. The review covers things well. I hope the writing/plot keeps up.


I'm really liking the direction this season of True Blood is taking. When the show first started, it actually followed the books pretty closely. Seasons 2 and 3 got us further and further away from that. But Season 4 seems to be coming back home. The witches, Eric losing is memory, Jason getting turned into a werepanther, that's all in the books. Now, not everything is the same, Sam's and Tara's storylines are totally different, the reason for Jason turning into a werepanther is different, and King Bill is definitely different. But I think the combination of taking storylines from the book and coming up with new ones is working very well. Season 4 is shaping up to be one of the best yet.

Leigh r

I loved this episode. 5 Stars. @K I agree that the new shifter who can change into people is one for Sam to keep his eye on. Creepy! Also not digging the Arlene/evil baby storyline. Glad Tara came back too.


AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH the episode was so awesome!!
I agreee with EMY about Lafayette being more powerful because every time he joined the circle the magic spells worked!! Does that mean that he will be the one to stop Marnie??? MAYBE
and the scene in the end of Eric walking lost was exactly what I thought it would have been like from the book LOVED IT!!
The new shape shifter chick (Dont rememeber name) who can shape into people she has out for her...poor sam can never pick the right chick
cant wait for next week!! (Don't think they will give us another ep so early)


cant wait for Sookie Eric scenes...


This episode was awesome! Reminded me why I loved True Blood so much. I didn't pay attention to Sam's storyline i kind of zoned out when he came on. Arelene was funny as usual, and tbf Eric deserved that witches spell. And the necromancers vs vampire war makes more sense than the werewolf war. Go Crystal!


That wasn't Moyer's own accent he did .. sure it was a british accent, but he was doing more of a this is how bill compton would do cockney rather than anything else. Accents aren't all the same ..


Holly Molly !!!! I knew last week when I watched the 4x02 promo that it would be good ! But that good !!!! WOW !!! And as I said before, I think Lafayette is REALLY powerful...when he joins the circle it's just POW ! Eric lost his memories...this is just GOOOOOD !!! More Sookie/Eric !! And for Bill, killing the Queen with guns, WHAT A COWARD !!! the shape-shifters, I like 'em! Sam's bro...I don't know...Arlene and the baby, I don't if it's for real or if she's imagining things...Is the baby, REALLY evil? Jessica and Hoyt, the end? And my gosh the end, Jason !!!! Holy...Molly !! that was just sooo fucked up !!! Can't wait for next week's episode !! Yeah about the early release, saw it today and didn't know about it !!! should've checked... :'( ! they gonna do it again ya think?

Uncle jackass

Believe it or not but I starting to think this steamy #@$! scene is just Anna Paquin giving Alexander Skarsgard a bubble shampoo shower to clean his head... ... not the steamy scene that I was expecting...

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True Blood Season 4 Episode 2 Quotes

I can eat who I want.


Technology takes all the fun out of being a vampire.