Wanted: Glee Cast Questions for Comic-Con!

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Calling all Gleeks! TV Fanatic needs your help.

Our staff is headed to Comic-Con in San Diego next week. We say this not to brag, but to make sure all our readers' needs are met.

On Sunday, July 24, I'll be attending the Glee press room. Among other topics, I plan to ask about the status of Chord Overstreet and learn of any artist tributes planned for season three. But what else do you wanna know?


Below, submit any questions you'd like me to ask and I'll do my best to uncover the answers. Be sure to visit TV Fanatic even more than usual next weekend, as we'll be updating the site with constant Comic-Con interviews, trailers, spoilers and more!

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Question for Darren, what do you think Blaine will be doing in 10 years??


How old are these kids? Are we gonna follow Rachel & Blaine & Kurt to the Big Apple? Is Finn coming to lift heavy things?


How long do we have to wait for Kurt to get his solo?


Can you explain your thoughts about Santana and Dave Kurofsky? Aren't these characters kind of redundant in that they are both in the closet and have both been bullies? But of course Santana never psychologically tormented, sexually harassed, and stalked someone, her story has been told in a gradual and believable way (no sobbing 5 minutes after being cruel), she's actually a regular on the show and a member of New Directions, and she's hilarious. So why do we need Dave Kurofsky again? There are plenty of stories to tell about the main kids that more people can relate to than what it's like to hide your sexuality. Like what about stories for Puck Tina, Mike, Blaine, Mercedes, etc.? It's cool that Glee is doing that with Santana Lopez but we don't need Kurofsky too. Is there another reason you're bothering to keep him on the show?


So what might happen with Kurt's comedic story-line next year? How many episodes will he get to go without crying?


So are you working on a spinoff series? With Rachael Kurt and Blaine? Would other cast members come on to guest star?


Is anyone ever going to sing a song for or to Santana in the Glee club. She's the only Glee kid who hasn't had anyone sing for her.


What can you tell us about graduation? Any more information about who might stay behind?


how long have brittany and santana known each other?


LESS KURT AND BLAINE! WE'VE HAD ENOUGH OF BOTH OF THEM! I'M GAY by the way but seeing them get 87545453435466655 solos and screentime is nauseating. The only reason they get that much screentime must be because: THEY ARE RYAN MURPHY'S BITCHES!

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