Wanted: Glee Cast Questions for Comic-Con!

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Calling all Gleeks! TV Fanatic needs your help.

Our staff is headed to Comic-Con in San Diego next week. We say this not to brag, but to make sure all our readers' needs are met.

On Sunday, July 24, I'll be attending the Glee press room. Among other topics, I plan to ask about the status of Chord Overstreet and learn of any artist tributes planned for season three. But what else do you wanna know?


Below, submit any questions you'd like me to ask and I'll do my best to uncover the answers. Be sure to visit TV Fanatic even more than usual next weekend, as we'll be updating the site with constant Comic-Con interviews, trailers, spoilers and more!

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Will they do a Rachel/Santana duet next season?
Also I want a Artie/Santana and a Finn/Puck duet!


I am really excited that Idina is coming back for a big storyline this season, and that her arc spends a big chunk of episodes. I don't feel like her story with Rachel got closure at all, and I hope that is addressed again. More than anything, I want Rachel to discuss her issues about Shelby with Finn, because Finn is her best friend/soulmate, and seeing as how important he is to her, and how much Rachel has dealt with in regards to Shelby, the writers need to have the two of them talk about it. I would also love if Finn was clearly angry with Shelby for messing with Rachel's emotions, like a protective boyfriend. Also, I am looking forward to how this will play in to a storyline with Puck/Quinn - I hope they rekindle their romance/ get back together, seeing as how Beth will be back in town. Also, what is going to happen with Kurt/Sam? It seems as if a relationship has formed there, and Sam's sexuality is clearly still very much up in the air.


Chris, did you ever manage to persuade Julie Andrews to be your Grandmother. If you can't get her for Glee, maybe you could campaign to get her in one of your future projects? that would be awesome.


Who would they like to a performance/duet in the cast that they hadn't done before?


To the writers. Will you also be exploring the repressive nature of the Kurt and Blaine story line. Blaine was always trying to stop Kurt from being who he was when he was at Dalton and Kurt had too much of a crush on Blaine to see that. Blaine constantly tried to undermine Kurt's confidence, so will Blaine try to do the same to Kurt at McKinley, but now that Kurt's back with his friends he will be able to see past the initial crush and realise the harm Blaine is doing to him? It would be great to see Kurt break away from this relationship and remember that he has bigger dreams than just finding a boyfriend. Kurt needs to find someone who will love him as an equal and accept him for all that he is and not try to change him.


Jenna Ushkowitz has a lovely and versatile voice. Will we hear solos from her third season?


What happened to the Mercedes/Quinn friendship? Will we ever see it explored again? Will we see other friendships in general that developed last season such as Brittany and Tina which seemed to have developed during the times when they went on double dates? Or a Brittany and Mike friendship over dance?


We need to see more of the friendships. Are the writers going to explore the friendships between Quinn and Mercedes, Tina and Mercedes, Kurt and Rachel, Kurt and Finn. Will you be showing more of the Kurt and Dave story as it was kinda left hanging and really needs to be resolved in season 3? Whoever is spamming about Brittana. OK we get the message, stop posting it every five minutes. Just because you scream about it does not mean that the rest of the Glee fandom are that interested in seeing them kiss. They are not the best couple on the show and they do not have the biggest fanbase either. Their relationship is interesting, but that was already explored in season 2 and kind of dragged on a bit imo.


Obviously, fans have a lot of hopes and dreams for their favorite characters, the "kids" of Glee. And we're a bit disappointed that we'll see the last of them in only 22 more episodes or perhaps one last concert tour. Would you consider an epilogue like some books and films? *cough* 19 years later....
It could be a fast and fun mention of whether Rachel Berry is starring in something, are Mike and Tina married with children, Is Kurt producing his magazine Kurtain? It could be in the last episode or a part of the last tour! And if the producers won't consider that, I'd like to know where the panel members see their characters post- high school.


Who is saying about Kurt bashing bi-sexuality? Don't be such an idiot. Kurt does no such thing. Have you been reading too many of the fanfics? And no-one has ever made Kurt out to be an 'angel' in Glee. That is why he's such a good character. We see him warts and all. Love Kurt or not, he is certainly the most well-rounded, three-dimensional, realistic character on the show. Can we see more interaction between the friendships rather than focusing on the love interests. These are good, but high school is more about the way friends interract with each other and support each other. Can we see more of the friendships between Rachael and Kurt especially, Quinn and Mercedes, Tina and Mercedes, Rachael, Tina and Mercedes, Finn and Kurt the wonderful Hudmel brothers, Kurt and Santana, that began to look interesting in the Prom Queen episode. Could you also show more of the Kurt and Dave story line. That seems to have been left hanging. I was sooo glad when Kurt got back to McKinley, he was sorely missed. Will there be more Kurt and Rachael duets please? Less of Blaine singing and much more of the original cast singing solos and duets please!

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