Wanted: Glee Cast Questions for Comic-Con!

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Calling all Gleeks! TV Fanatic needs your help.

Our staff is headed to Comic-Con in San Diego next week. We say this not to brag, but to make sure all our readers' needs are met.

On Sunday, July 24, I'll be attending the Glee press room. Among other topics, I plan to ask about the status of Chord Overstreet and learn of any artist tributes planned for season three. But what else do you wanna know?


Below, submit any questions you'd like me to ask and I'll do my best to uncover the answers. Be sure to visit TV Fanatic even more than usual next weekend, as we'll be updating the site with constant Comic-Con interviews, trailers, spoilers and more!

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Any chance for a good Hudmel family storyline this year?


With Idina returning as Shelby, and most likely bringing along baby Beth, is there any chance of Quinn and Puck reuniting (or at the very least speaking to eachother) this season? Can you give us any spoilers on the storylines being written for our more neglected Glee cast-members (Mercedes, Tina, Mike)? Will the focus stay on ND this year, or will secondary characters, guest stars, and glorified extras (Karofsky, Holly, the Warblers etc.) take time away from our graduating cast? Can we expect Kurt and Blaine to have a a more lighthearted, comedic storyline this year? Finn and Rachel too? If this really is their last year together is it too much to hope that we can just see them happy?


"I haven't seen one Klaine fan insult Karofsky or Kurtofksy" Read better, please.


hating blaine doesn't mean being a kurtofsky shipper. i read a lot of messages here from people hating on blaine and asking anything about kurtofsky, so why should you guess just to bash another ship? blaine and klaine is like one of the worst thing ever written for television. this is my opinion and i'm not a kurtofsky shipper.


What's in store for relatively stable couples like Luck, Tike and Klaine? Will we get to see more of Blaine's possibly unaccepting father, or was that just a throwaway line? Is Santana going to have another love interest, or is Brittany her one-and-only? Can we be expecting lots of college-related story lines or will that just be a backround aspect of the show?


I've been reading through the questions and I'm surprised at all the anger. This post is supposed to be questions for the comic con, do you really think that the people from this website are going to read through the questions and ask "Why is Blaine such a douche." with the writers and Darren Criss there? If I was a Kurtofsky shipper (which I'm not, but that's just opinion) I would be disappointed in my fellow shippers. All I'm seeing from them is hate for other people and other characters while I haven't seen one Klaine fan insult Karofsky or Kurtofksy. I guess that really says a lot about the ship. What happened to respecting each other;s opinions. Because ranting like you're doing is a bit of a waste of time. A few insults aren't gong to make a person change their ship. tl;dr: Ask all the questions you want about your ship, but bashing others while doing it isn't going to make you look any good.


we want a true to life gay couple on glee, not that fake over-romantic klaine


Will we get to see Kurt and Blaine be as affectionate as the other couples? It means so much to so many people to have a steady gay couple on such a popular TV show. It would be fantastic to see them get the sexual attention/romantic backround moments that many of the straight couples are getting.


Will Karofsky ever face repercussions for how severely he bullied Kurt? Will their be any drama between Tina and Mike, or is their relationship virtually perfect? Is winning show choir competitions going to be more or less important to the glee club members that are going to be graduating?


can we know something about karofsky and kurtofsky? can we still hope to see that happening on the show? will max adler sing this year?

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