White Collar Review: Go For Broke

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Neal found himself "Taking Account" for a lot this episode. It involved his actions with Peter, Sara and Mozzie.

The installment hit a variety of high notes, not the least of which was an extravagant shopping spree. I loved the pop-up breakdown of how much they were spending. It was break from the status quo. But it was even more fun to watch Sara and Neal blow the cash together.

Mozzie and Neal Scene

Which leads me to my first evaluation: Sara and Neal's relationship is at a tipping point. With Sara discovering the password to the video feed guarding the treasure, she now knows much more than she bargained for.

Sara has constantly harped on the importance of honesty. Yet Neal continues to lie to her. Neal's decision to do so causes serious issues and leads to a debate about whether or not Neal wants to get caught so he can justify staying to Mozzie.

Then again, the fact that Neal was so careless as to even type in the password for Sara to replicate in the first place suggests some kind of subconscious tell on his part.

Unfortunately, that doesn't equal an explanation for Sara, who may very well decide to put their relationship aside, perhaps even permanently.

On another note, Mozzie had some major game. Getting a look into another side of this character is always welcome. I have to say, though, with his extravagant tastes in wine, I was surprised we didn't get more shots during the spending-spree montage of Mozzie getting his drink on.

As for Neal's increasingly strained relationship with Peter, it was interesting to discover that the crucial time in Neal's life - when he had everything he could have ever wanted - wasn't as much a daydream, as he was led to believe. Yes, Neal was once truly fulfilled and he could have maintained it if he hadn't have ran.

Neal is at that same junction now, but because of all the foundations he's built for himself, he's struggling with how to leave. Before he had no such dilemma. As it comes to light just who is in possession of the U-boat treasure, will Neal watch those foundations irrevocably erode? And will he then depart?

This episode set up some exceptionally complex and compelling inter/intra-personal conflicts. Can you believe we're at episode seven already? Not much longer until the show goes on hiatus. Best not to dwell, though.

What did you think? What would you have liked to see Sara and Neal splurge on?


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thanks uj, i meant the one that david was referring to... thanks for explaining! did the word neal used as a password- i forgot what it was- have any special significance or was it just random?

Terrie lynn mcdonald coleman

Anyone else find it interesting that they reverted back to the old opening credits? Still love this show.....

Uncle jackass

@Bee, which time were you referring to when Neal found the password. Was it: A.) Before the intro when Sara lost her cash whereby @David explains it pretty well. Although, I thought it was due to looking at the reflective camera or a surface to find the pin she was going to type which was 3187. B.) Later on in the Bank scene, Neal requires that Sara go upstairs to access the main branch's security code which was "Green 5" to change the safe questions for each individual. In this case it was for the Lucerne Banque's 125 million dollars account. Such that, Neal doesn't require to have too much identity (other than a fake passport) or cards to validate himself.


So when Neal and Sara Break up will she leave the show I hope not I really like her and way to go Mozzie on getting the woman


She saw in a reflection.(Neal entered the password while she was sitting opposite him, she saw the password reflected in the guitar he was holding)


what was the password neal entered and how did sara figure it out?

Uncle jackass

Only interested in the new/original intro... Yay!!!

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