Who Will Attend College on 90210?

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Our 90210 favorites graduated from high school in May. But that doesn't mean everyone will be headed to college. Not even close, in fact.

We can confirm that only one series regular will attend a university when this show returns in September. The best guess as to that individual's identity? Naomi, considering Megalyn Echikunwoke has been cast as a sorority sister who feuds with AnnaLynne McCord's character.

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What will others be up to?

  • Liam will be in charge of a bar.
  • Dixon will be facing challenges in the music industry.
  • Annie will be using the money she inherited from Marla for... something. "She's planning to leave and go to Carnegie Mellon - and she does not," executive producer Patti Carr teased to TV Guide.

As for other 90210 spoilers, expect to see more of Teddy than you previously thought, while Adrianna will attempt to redeem herself following a season that saw her suck as much as anyone on television.

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@Thomas: You're putting words in my mouth. I never said: "everyone who's thin needs to eat a greasy, oily, high cholesterol-empowered cheeseburger.". I said only said the Shenae Grimes as to. Also, thanks for the idea about tweeting her. I'm going to troll her Twitter very hard now. :)


@Thomas: Word!


@Gaby EE: That is because Aries93 seems so ignorant, believing that everyone who's thin needs to eat a greasy, oily, high cholesterol-empowered cheeseburger. He and pretty much TV Fanatic have been disrespectful with how they treat the show's castmembers because of their weight. Have there been actual reports about any of the female castmembers fainting due to malnutrition? have there been reports of them vomiting everything they eat? for entertainment journalists, TV Fanatic sure do know how to input baseless libelous facts about Shenae Grimes, Annalyne McCord, etc. @Aries93: Hello, that pictures was taken back in 2008. And she was in her late teens when she was still starting out with her first US TV gig. Fast-forward today (2011, so it's been 3 years since that pic was taken), you don't think her body have at least changed since she had undergone puberty like the rest of us? That's ignorance to the next level dude. If you like to know who the real Shenae Grimes is, why not try following her on twitter? There she's really real down-to-earth and also humanitarian (with her Spread the Heart movement), something that came out from her horrific and near-fatal experience in Japan early this year which I don't think you were even aware of. Tweet her your questions with regards to her body-image, I dare you!

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@Thomas I think you are overreacting. @Aries93's comment seemed pretty innocent to me, and definitely not pushing anyone towards suicide. Why personally attacking someone on a post? I just feel there is no need to. Anyway... I definitely think Naomi will be the one going to college. She was so obsessed with getting into CU and there is no way she wouldn't go.


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I'm looking forward to Ade's redemption arc, but I really hope it doesn't just come to a convenient resolution where Dixon conveniently becomes an addict and gives Ade a convenient opportunity to win everyone back.


So it shows that everyone in 9-0 is a dumb bitch? BAD EXAMPLE for kids out there. haha.. just kiddin'.. ;D


is liam even 21? *blank stare*


In Matt's defense, "suck" has to be the new hip word for "being totally awesome!" Adrianna was easily the best thing about this past season of 90210. There is nothing quite as entertaining as a complete b*tch that wants to ruin everyone else's lives. Sure Navid and Silver were jerks, but they didn't deserve all of the damage Adrianna caused caused. Exactly why she was the MVP of the season!

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How's your nerd?

Austin [to Naomi]

I'm gonna kill Dixon.