Who Will Play Hank's Nemesis on Royal Pains?

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The gloves are about to come off on Royal Pains, and not just because Hank is finished sewing someone up.

According to a USA casting notice, the series is seeking a "name actress" to come on board in the recurring role of Hank's medical school nemesis. The character will now be working at Brooklyn Mercy, the hospital that blacklisted Hank in the pilot.

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Got any suggestions for who could go stethoscope-to-stethoscope with Hank? He'll have to try and put the pair's past behind him when this woman asks for advice about a clinically depressed patient.

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Well the writers could always use the "evil twin/doppelganger" for Hank or the "let create our own music/band and win a music contest!!" with Evan, Jill, Divya, and Hank. Paige can be the tamborine player, Jill can sing, Divya can do fake air keyboards, and Evan drums. Off course, Hank would choose a Huey Lewis song to hog up the front stage. ;)


Royal Pains airs Wednesdays evenings at 9/8c on the USA Network. The season has just begun with tonight’s episode two of season three, “But There’s a Catch. http://bit.ly/riZS0p


We've been here before. Hank has already faced a nemesis from his past (the kid that beat him up in school who ended up with the plastic sword in his sinuses) and he's already clashed with a female rival doctor (Emily). There are enough story lines going on in the show that the writers aren't developing fully enough. How about following through on those before we start rehashing ideas? I love this show, but the writers need to focus up a little!


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