Why Does Jeremy Gilbert See Dead People?

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Jeremy Gilbert sees dead people. Dead ex-girlfriend people, to be exact.

That's all we know about the concluding event on The Vampire Diaries' May finale - and that's all Jeremy will know when we see him again on the September 15 season three premiere.

"We’ll see that he still hasn’t had any success figuring out what it is that they want, or understanding even what it is that they are," producer Julie Plec teases to EW.

Poor Jer

Plec adds that Jeremy won't have told anyone what's going on, which causes Elena and company to wonder why he's acting so strange. Is he on drugs? No, Plec laughs: "He’s just trying to figure out why the hell he’s being haunted by his dead girlfriends.”

Kayla Ewell has said Vicki is back for revenge, while Plec previews the possibilities of more deceased characters returning:

“We’re gonna have some fun with Vicki and Anna and start to really reveal the secrets of why they’re here, what they want, and who else they have access to from our past."

When might it all come to a head, in the shocking, suspenseful, OMFG-type way that only The Vampire Diaries can pull off? Producer Kevin Williamson hypes an October episode as “the climax of the haunting of Jeremy" and adds:

"Are they there for good? Are they there for bad? It will once again be another twisty story. It’s gonna take a lot of turns and also involves some unlikely participants.”

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Uncle jackass

I suppose if they are really ghosts they could haunt and possess Jeremy to do their bidding...


Spindae: Rick is also normal


I'm so excited for some Jeremy screentime I feel like last season he was kind of shoved into the guest star zone which is wrong since he is a regular and my fav guy on the show! I'm not so excited to see Vicki back but I'm really excited for some new Jeremy and Anna scenes! I miss that girl!


My theory: The witches said there would be consequences right? He is supposed to be dead. I'm thinking they are sending the ghosts of the people he loved to haunt him as a way of driving him crazy enough to kill himself so that the 'balance' will be back in place.


cant wait for season 3 to start


Dead ex-girlfriend VAMPIRE people, to be even more exact...


I love the story from start! He, Mat and Elena were the only truly "normal" people left! And really uninteresting! So *HE* will finaly get some focus and edge! And that will shake up the whole Bonny Jeremy story!

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