Will Addison Still Be Baby Crazy on Private Practice?

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When we last saw Addison Montgomery on Private Practice, she had babies on the brain. But where do we stand after a season finale that turned things upside down?

She's got a lot on her plate, from Oceanside's operational issues to a sexy new love interest played by Benjamin Bratt. But rest assured, the baby quest is in full swing.

Addison “is going to waste no time” and look into adding a baby to her life “from the get-go of Season 5,” according to insider Matt Webb Mitovich of TV Line.

Addison in Orange

How do you think it will play out? The fifth season premiere title is "God Laughs." Let's hope He doesn't make Addy's maternal journey too long or heartbreaking.

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Oh my God!
Addison is really one note character. It's only men and baby obssesion. No character developement here. Ugh.Boring.


that won't happen, Owen will never give up his baby if it will be born. for addy to adopt it BOTH christina AND owen will have to relinquish parental rights. so even if christina gives it up, owen won't.


here an idea for several crossover eps: On GA Christina can decide to have the baby but put her/him up for adoption & Addy can adopt the baby. As much as it would be cool to finally see Addy preggers. Let face it Mer has a better chance getting pregnant than Addy. Plus this would be an amazing story, plus both Addy & Christina would both get what they want.


I honestly dont want her to adopt,I want to see her experience the pregnancy that she's always wanted.


I'm crying. God private practice is my favorite tv show and I think they are just gonna destroy it.
1. There's no more OWG!
2. Addisam > Addie + BB character
3. I heard they're replacing Nai? What the hell is wrong with the world? If char/coop split up, I'm not watching my favorite tv show again


Anxious to see how this all plays out with Sam. Personally, I hope Addison adopts because I think it would be a good story for them to tell.


Thank God, Addison better get her baby this season especially since Season 5 could be the last season.


If Private Practice is renewed for a sixth season, I can see Shonda writing in that Addison will get pregnant in the finale of season 5 and season 6 will be her journey through pregnancy.
I hope it's sooner though - something like the mid-season break. :D

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You tomato-ed me back. I like that.


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