Will Grey's Anatomy Incorporate Sarah Drew's Pregnancy?

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Grey's Anatomy star Sarah Drew is pregnant, as we reported yesterday. Congratulations again to the 30-year-old actress and her husband, Peter Lanfer!

This exciting news, of course, is accompanied by the question of how the show will work around Drew's changing body and life for the next 6-12 months.

The show has not been inclined to write an actress' pregnancy into the script before, as we've seen recently with Ellen Pompeo and Jessica Capshaw.

Will the handling of Drew's character, April, be any different?

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The fact that April is a virgin makes it even less likely that we'll see a pregnant Dr. Kepner in season eight ... or does it? That would be a heck of a plot twist.

Thus far, the only thing Grey's producers have to say to us regarding Drew's condition is they have "not determined" if her character will also be pregnant.

April has made a big deal about saving herself for someone she truly loves. It's one of her central characteristics. Maybe we'll meet Mr. Right very soon?

What do you think? Would you rather see pregnant April, or conveniently always behind an operating table/sent off to Africa for three episodes April? Discuss!

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As funny as it would be for April to lose it and then eventually be pregnant from her first sexual act, pregnancy is not what the show needs right now and we've had enough baby drama as of last season and more this upcoming season due to Cristina. Therefore, no, April should NOT be pregnant.


I think april shouldn't be pregnant. she just started her chief residency and we want to see how she develops on it and deal with it. so i dont think april should be pregnant or get pregnant


Agree don't need another pregnancy just yet on the show, plus shonda has said they not including it on an interview just released, so we can breathe a sigh of relief.
I'm just hoping the next pregnancy will be the fictional mer/der one second half of the season.


We don't need ANOTHER pregnant woman. :/ especially if they are going to make Yang keep it. Just another excuse to kick Mer while she's down along with all her fans hoping that she is preggo. :/


She is supposedly loosing her virginity this season, perhaps she gets pregnant in her first! That will be some drama...well it will be interesting to see who the father will be. A new intern????


Please don't let the baby belong to Alex. He has enough problems without having April joined to him at the hip. He will be stuck with her for the rest of his life.


I love squeaky april and she's one of my favourites (feel free to call me crazy) i don't think they'll incorporate it. That would make a baby boom.
But if she'll get pregnant my vote is for Alex. I'd rather see Jackson dying alone in a ditch somewhere or hit by the same bus that killed George...


I don't see April getting pregnant, just because there will be too many kids on the show, esp if Cristina decides to keep the baby. Plus it would just feel like a repeat story line from last season. IF should does get pregnant I could see it being Jackson's. The I see it there will be an episode where Lexie/Jackson are fighing she has a chance to cheat on him with Mark, but doesn't, and Jackson and April end up sleeping together.


They wrote Chaundra's pregnancy in but Bailey had been married for a while. I say send April to Africa (forever, as far as I'm concerned, seriously).


The show did write Chandra Wilson's pregnancy into the script in the 2nd season.

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