Will Tony's Mole Hunt Unite or Divide NCIS?

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Who did Tony see in the photo?

This would be the mother of all NCIS Season 9 spoilers. Unfortunately, we don't have that info for you here, but TV Guide does offer a new tease on DiNozzo's mission.

Word on the street is that the storyline will be mostly wrapped up in the ninth season premiere. As for whether it tears the team apart or brings them closer together?

Anthony Jr.

"Our group will be working together as a team more often [in season nine] and not be quite as splintered as they sometimes are," executive producer Gary Glasberg says.

"There are certain things that [the new Secretary of the Navy] may want them to do, and they're going to have to unite in certain ways to take on those challenges."

What is the SecNav's agenda and what is Tony's role? As always, your theories on Tony's mole hunt and all things NCIS are welcome in the comment section below ...

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they never nominate good shows like NCIS because they have the fan base. well that's what I think anyways.


I can not understand xq do not include NCIS at the emmy Awards! They always nominated them! the good wife? Mad Men? Dexter? Once again!! Players such as Mark Harmon should appear in the Pythagorean! Inconceivable with a series that takes nine seasons and has increased the number of followers!


oh ok Janet thanks


these past season we had flashback to season one with kate I wonder if they do one for Jenny these year


the reason NCIS does not get them is because they grow into a hit they were not a hit right off the bat and most awards show only do shows that are a hit their first season


hi tania06 i think the reason ncis is not picked for a emmy is because the show is just to big for them to handle.


how come the Emmy's never nominate this show it's one of the best shows going on season 9 and still going strong. oh well it's got us fans. anyways glad they will start Monday I can't wait to see how they play this out with DiNozzo.


Restless sounds good. I can't wait were getting closer to the season 9 premiere.


oh..Pauley just confirmed name of 1st episode, Season 9...RESTLESS!!!! sounds good.........


Hi there Janet.. nice to see a nice friendly familiar name who is not slammin' or mean!!!
I am enjoying some fun taped NCISexy shows...am missing my Team so.. but laughing myself silly at darling Tony sayin'.."hey jogger people..joggers!!!" in DEAD AIR...have almost forgiven Tony for his Season 8 ummmm I'm gonna call it "unfortunate fling"...see from Pauley's tweet today he just got a summer haircut!!!! Am trying to guess the Episode Title game she has started.... anxiously await September. I was a bit annoyed that that young fella Cameron or Bob Newhart didn't get an Emmy nod though..oh well, NCIS

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