90210 Cast Interviews: Season 4 Preview

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What is the status of Navid and Silver?

Where does Dixon find himself this fall?

And, seriously, is Naomi pregnant or not?!?

Not all of those questions are answered in the following video, but two of them are, as The CW chats with various 90210 cast members on the red carpet and they preview the new episodes ahead. Watch and find out more now:


i don't really care about Dixie/Navid storyline, tbh.


Instead of giving me boring storylines about Navid's family, how about giving me one about Ade's father? I've been waiting to see a storyline about Mr. Tate-Duncan (or is it Mr. Tate? Or Mr. Duncan?) for years now.


I'm happy. I feel like this season is actually gonna be thought out which is something totally new for 90210 lol


I'm confused. Apparently Naomi is the ONE who is attending university, so why did Tristan Wilds just say Dixon will be attending uni?
Storylines on Navid? *yawn*

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How's your nerd?

Austin [to Naomi]

I'm gonna kill Dixon.