A.J. Langer to Guest Star, "Drop Bomb" on Private Practice

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A.J. Langer of My So-Called Life fame will be coming to Private Practice in a recurring role this fall, debuting in the fourth episode of the coming season on ABC.

She will be playing “someone from an Oceanside doctor’s past.”

Whoever that person is, her arrival will shake things up. Private Practice star Kate Walsh told TV Line's Matt Mitovich that: “A good little bomb gets dropped.”


As for who that bomb is dropped on, speculation is that Cooper and Charlotte may be in for another bump in the road after enduring a traumatic Season Four.

“I cannot confirm or deny those rumors,” Paul Adelstein said, while conceding, “Something’s coming down the pike, and it’s a big bump in their relationship."

“I don’t know if it’ll threaten [Cooper's marriage], but it will be certainly something that would be hard for any couple to adjust to,” he said of the "bump."

KaDee Strickland, Paul's on-screen partner, wouldn't reveal much more, saying: “I can tell you that A.J. is playing a really key role on this show, and a really interesting role on this show, and I’m excited about her role on the show.”

Don't assume the worst for Cooplotte, either.

“People really root for Charlotte and Cooper, and I think Charlotte and Cooper are doing a really good job of making the relationship work,” Adelstein said.

“I think people will be happy with what they’re doing [in Season 5].”

Who do you think Langer will be playing? What sort of developments do you predict for Cooper and Charlotte, and on Private Practice in general? Discuss!

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@Catilyn: Could you link me, please? :)


@ Aries93 If you read the episode sides, you'll know exactly who this character is and how the people involved react to the situation.


I think the reason it's being invested towards Cooper and Charlotte is because they're the only characters (aside from Addison) that the show is really interested in. Therefore, they'll pay attention to the storyline.
I for one love Charlotte, Cooper, Addison, Amelia and Sheldon. I dislike Sam as of recently, I've never liked Violet and I've lost interest in Pete since his relationship with Violet since the beginning of season 4. I look forward to Benjamin Bratt's character as I know I'll love him and Addison together.
Anyway, to the recent article post; I believe it'll be Cooper's biological sister coming into the picture, or it'll be a distant illegitimate love child that he's just recently found out about. Either way, if Shonda is smart, she'll stop the drama between these two, as she'll just lose viewers if they split up.


The first time I heard about this character, I was hoping that it was going to be a storyline for Pete and Violet although it was more likely to be one for Charlotte and Cooper. With all the succeeding spoilers that have been released regarding this upcoming arc, I'm so frustrated! I hate to think that Charlotte and Cooper will be tested this way. I know they can't be happy forever but I think their problems as a couple should be those that don't involve external relations that will have such permanent effects and changes in their relationship. Am I horrible for wanting Char and Coop to just make babies and be happy? :( I hope that in the end, it's just a false alarm in the sense that he isn't actually Cooper's kid.

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