Alphas Review: "Never Let Me Go"

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While "Never Let Me Go" wasn’t as dense in mythology, it did offer a rather entertaining, open-and-shut Alpha case of the week.

Some of the spotlight was finally put on Rachel, too. I never put together just how heightened her senses were. I always assumed she had an off switch to them because that was the way they came across in the pilot.

Bunch of Alphas

But if the man she brought home was any indication, along with the Alpha of the week, any kind of stimulation brings her senses roaring to the surface. My heart was bleeding for her. Too much human contact could bring her to her knees.

On one hand, she was trying to move on with her life after her parents rejected her, but her senses were so overwhelmed she had to break contact. On the other hand, the other Alpha was getting her addicted to human touch.

“Never Let Me Go” was probably the best description for Rachel. She was longing for some kind of validation because she was not getting it at home. Rosen was giving her some, but I can see why she didn’t value it at first.

Rosen wasn’t necessarily complimenting Rachel and saying nice things about her because he wanted to. He's a shrink, his first instinct is to instill a sense of trust in his patients. But when Rachel's life was on the line, he didn’t hold back his emotions, he let her know how much he loves her like a daughter, how amazing she is.

This kind of character development was something I’ve been waiting for since the premiere. It wasn’t forced, it wasn’t awkward, it was real and genuine.

As for the Alpha of the week, I was enjoying the concept of a mother getting her revenge on her son’s bullies by making them addicted to her touch. I like that Alphas has decided to go with a wide range of powers among all types of people.

Overall, I really enjoyed “Never Let Me Go." It offered a great glimpse into Rachel’s life and the struggles with which she deals with. I just wish we got a little more time with the rest of the Alphas.

Other thoughts:

  • I feel like I might have to start a hashtag/Facebook group to rid Alphas of that van. Otherwise, I’m going to die of an expletive-filled rage blackout.
  • I loved the small power struggle between Cameron and Bill.
  • Cameron’s fight sequence was awesome, as was taking out a jock with the sliding of a book.
  • Gary’s power trip with the DCIS badge was hilarious.


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Can anyone say why TV Fanatic doesn't cover Haven? I've been watching on here for it for two seasons. I'm sure there's a perfectly logical reason; I'd just like to know what it is. Thanks.


Eh I feel that this show is doing the same thing that smallville did with it's first season. Sure the monster of the week thing is great, but without any shorter story arcs within the episode it just tends to drag on week after week. Look at how much smallville improved after season 1, i just hate to see a show with such a good premise fall flat on it's face.


I loved the warehouse 13 reference. And it doesnt suprise me since i heard the actress was attached to the show plus Steve Jinks ability to tell if people are lying, introduced at the start of the seasons warehouse 13. Plus it gives legitimate reason to beleive lenas "Aurora/Sensing" ability and petes "precognitive butterflies" are not artifact based. There has to be more than a fleeting cameo though? Surely W13 and Alpha teams will meet up, thinking the culprit is an artifact/alpha similar to this episode. @duckie192 with the recent news of eurekas cancelation i doubt we will get any alphas/eureka crossover. But it does leave the question if there has been people with genetic differences giving them powers, why have eureka not heard of it. But seeing as eureka is 4 years older than aplhas i guess we can leave it for now. On a note of continuity, i hope we get a proper continuity explanation of eureka/alphas/warehouse 13 not only as there all top secret government operations but in term of the actor playing artie was in eureka and several eureka stars were in W13. Also there was an episode were eureka had bowling with people at Area 51 and this something that is right up W13 alley (i.e. pete). Would love for all the creative teams to come together to start exploring the world outside there shows and have more crossovers!


Warehouse 13 Alert! Dr Calder A.K.A Dr Vanessa! Same name, same CDC cover, same purple gloves. Does this mean that all SYFY originals shows are Linked/in the same universe? if thats' the case, when's the crossover? will the people in Eureka start studying alphas too? so much potential. On the hand, Alphas is really hitting its stride. I like how the show has been building up each character slowly, each getting showcased in different episodes, but i'd like to see it all come together sooner. perhaps expectation is the thing weighing on the writer's shoulders?

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