Andre Braugher Nearing Deal for Law & Order: SVU Role

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One of our favorite actors may be returning to the streets of New York.

Andre Braugher - most recently seen on Men of a Certain Age, but who recurred last season on House and who won a 1998 Emmy for his portrayal on Homicide - is close to a deal with Law & Order: SVU.

Andre Braugher.

According to TV Line, Braugher would come on board as an attorney for the underprivileged. His character might end up as a love interest Mariska Hargitay’s Detective Benson, who, despite earlier rumors, will appear on every Law & Order episode of the season.

Pretty awesome possibility, no?


WOW! André Braugher is an absolutely amazing actor, and that would really be great for the show, which is already full of strong actors. Also, it would be nice to see something go right for Olivia for once in the romance department. I realize nobody said that the relationship would turn out well, but she's always caught such lousy breaks, from Bill Pullman back to that reporter freak who wanted to re-enact that murder and then stole her file, and now, of course, Elliot gone. As for whoever said he's too ugly to pair with Olivia, you clearly never saw "Homicide;" he's no Adonis, true, but once he opens his mouth, you're not thinking about how he looks. The guy is a force of nature.


Its hard to see Det. Stabler leave the show. But I also hope to see a replacement as good as his character. I`ll be looking forward to the fall viewing.


This actor is too ugly to pair with Olivia. She is so beautiful.


Munch and Pembleton together again!


That's great news for Olivia's love life! :D


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