Anthony Tyler Quinn Books Role on Pretty Little Liars

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The stars of Boy Meets World are about to meet a new generation.

Yesterday, we announced that Ben Savage - the star of that classic 1990s sitcom - had landed a role on Bones. Now, we can confirm that Anthony Tyler Quinn, who played Mr. Turner on the same series, will show up for at least one episode of Pretty Little Liars.

Turner will guest star in early 2012 as a former colleague of Byron's. It's unclear why he returns from overseas, but viewers (and perhaps Aria?) will be pleased to see him bring his 16-year old son along with him.

Pretty Little Liars airs its summer finale on Tuesday. Check out the official trailer for "Over My Dead Body" NOW.


To the anonymous poster.....LEARN HOW TO SPELL CHECK AND USE CORRECT GRAMMAR!! Okay, with that said, I loved him as Mr. Turner in BMW and haven't seen him in anything since. Therefore, I do not know what to expect but very excited to see the episode (s) that will be in. Even if the acting is lacking on his part, I think Kristen Stewart in Twilight is legit proof that the absence of talent doesn't always stop something amazing and, to Twilight fans, the movies are amazing. As for the ages (this is mostly directed at farad), you're absolutely correct in my opinion, Aria has always shown the same pattern for older men. However, in the books the girls are not in high school as they are in the show and the PLL producers and writers are not strangers to surprising us with twists, so...who knows. Granted, I think she's fallen way to hard for Ezra to be with anyone least for now.


This is really late in coming but I have to say I know Anthony Tyler Quinn personally. To say he plays roles that show lacking in morals and values only proves he is an absolutey great actor. He is a christian man that follows the Lord. Fan in Rockford!


I agree with Aquariuz. I wish they would go with someone more better as well. Anthony Tyler Quinn isn't much of a great actor nor is he popular or famous and he would ruin the show if he's going to be on for more than one episode. All the shows he did as a guest role that I have seen sucked, so I could imagine his role would ruck too on PLL. I have seen some of his movies and he seems to be in only Christian related movies so Quinn isn't really popular and the only decent role he had was on "Boy Meets World" His other ones sucked. I wish they would have given the role to someone more deserving than Quinn.


Not a fan of Anthony Tyler Quinn, I think they could have cast that role with someone much better. He always seems to play someone who is lacking morals but maybe that is who he is and that is why he plays those types. I HOPE he isn't on PPL often, I don't think I could stand to watch it if he is!


Mike's boyfriend? I could ship that.


is it weird but i doubt that aria will fall for a 16 year old.... ezra, jason, do we see a pattern here... older men ppl. plus i think she's 17 in the series now... mike maybe :P


oh my god.... please no son
I want jaria to happen :'(


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