Arizona Still on Team Alex on Grey's Anatomy

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A relatively drama-free start to the season for Callie and Arizona - which it looks like we're finally in for on Grey's Anatomy - means more time for the latter to ...

Befriend Karev?

Arizona’s storyline in season eight has been less about Callie and "more about being the only person that’s behind Karev,” Jessica Capshaw tells TV Line.

“At the end of last year, he really pissed a couple people off. So this year she’s meant to be an advocate for him, really ushering him into the peds fellowship.”

Rockin' Dr. Robbins

Given the uphill battle ahead for Alex when it comes to repairing his relationship with Meredith (and everyone else), he'll need all the friends he can get right now.

Considering his pediatrics potential, it does make sense that his mentor in the specialty would remain in his corner, especially as he focuses on being a better surgeon.

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i have no word as long as i see callie enough im fine and sofia


I think that it isn't going to be as bad as everyone thinks. In the finale of the season, Mer went looking for Alex in his room with Lola and looked a bit upset when she saw that he did indeed "get his crap out of her house". I would have done the same as Alex. Meredith did something unethical and might have been rewarded with the Chief Resident. And Christina rubbing it in how everyone trusts her...gah.


Finally, something to look forward to. I love that Alex is getting a storyline other than another guest star to sleep with and then leave at the end of the series. He is an amazing character that is neglected by Shonda. It seems this series the focus will be on the original cast accompained by the other cast, rather than the other way round. Looking forward to a series filled with Meredith, Derek, Cristina and Alex. Also love the mentor relationship with Arizona, because Alex seems to get along better with the women at the hospital but as she is married to Callie they won't have an awkward kiss or anythinf to ruin the best mentorlationship in the show ever(:


I don't understand why everyone is mad at Alex over this Mer thing. All he did was tell Owen. Owen was the one who told rather than try to cover things up for Mer. Derek is just as guilty of telling the chief. So why all the fuss about Alex?


Alex isn't getting the blame for what is going down, his co-workers are furious that he blabbed it at all. Yes what Mer did was wrong and as a nurse i totally understand the politics of working in health care. What the hospital is doing is correct but this is a drama TV show so no need to get terribly distraught about it Mer will be back and i'm guessing it coming in either epi 5 or maybe 6 when KmK directs.
Karev has always been Arizona's boy so she's protecting her protege. How's bout getting Karev on the wheelies too since he is in peds now haha.
Can i also point out Owen also blabbed and is getting away with it all scot free, remember he's the one who told Derek instead of asking Mer directly in an interview.


Finally, some decent news about the new season, I'm definitely looking forward to this! I understand why people are mad at Alex, but at least SOMEONE is gonna be in his corner, and it's good to know Arizona will have a story that isn't bogged down in girlfriend/baby mama drama this year right out of the gate. Win/win!


I dont understand why Alex is taking all the blame for this. Meredith is the one who screw up, she is the one that put the hospital and her husband carrer at risk and yet they make her look like she didnt do anything wrong. All she do is screw up and other people have to take the blame for her like the chief or put the blame on somebody else. Maybe she can blame her mommy for this too. Glad to see Arizona supporting Alex!!!!


honestly i dont give shit. Alex only does things for himself. Izzie cut the lan iv and he said nothing so where is this self righteousness? As for arizona. if it means less Calzona Im all for it. They nearly tanked GA last year with all thier drama.


This is good. And I like Arizona even more, for supporting Alex. No matter what he did, I feel really sad for him. And I don't want to see the sad Alex, we've had enough of that already.


This shows that Arizona is the most level-headed and fair person in that hospital. At least she's being a real professional and a good teacher.

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