Ashton Kutcher on Two and a Half Men: Meet Walden Schmidt!

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Will Charlie Harper be laid to rest on the season premiere of Two and a Half Men? At her appearance at today Television Critics’ Association summer press tour panel, CBS Entertainment President Nina Tassler would not say.

But she did finally divulge a few details regarding Ashton Kutcher's role on the series. To wit:

He will be named “Walden Schmidt, and he is an Internet billionaire with a broken heart."

Men, Men, Men

Tassler also confirmed that the September 19 premiere “will be a two-parter [airing] over two weeks."

This does go along with the rumor linked to in the opening sentence: Charlie Sheen's Harper will be dead, there will be a funeral and a subsequent  craze of potential home buyers that will ultimately lead to Kutcher's Schmidt moving in.

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Absolutely luv the new character in kutcher,although i'll have to admit realy missing sheen after watching the first two epsd..maybe things realy look up after all-i think the series needed a little spicing up and so far kutcher is doing just fine with it..


Hope the "new" show is a huge success. Love Allan, Berta, Jake and the entire cast. Ashton is adorable and funny. Hope he brings some class to the show. Got tired of Charlie's bad boy attitude.
Will tune in on Sept 19th.


I love Charlie like all the other women---what in the world are they by replacing him???????????


i love the show, and am really sorry to see Sheen go, however, he had become to much of a sure making him impossible to work with. it will be reeeally hard to replace him and keep the show as good as it was (honestly, he was the show) but... i hope they work it out and the show is a sucess. "Sorry Charlie". but you are replacable.


Thatz so stupid. two an a half men will SUCK w/out charlie sheen. you guyz are retarded and i can't wait to watch this show flop. well, i won't be watching it, but i can't wait to get on yahoo a few days after the premier to see you guyz made a major mistake. peace!

Uncle jackass

I wonder if Walden Schmidt is an anagram for something?


A stupid move. Kill your golden goose because you don't like him personally. I don't think they can sell this but we will see. Charlie may not have gotten along with that big baby Chuck Lorre but he did show up for work every day and put on a wonderful show. As far as his private life, well that is not Lorre's business or ours. He gave his all to the show and I can definately understand his wanting to go crazy for awhile. I sure do feel like it. My work life is a living hell, I go everyday, always have, and I will until December when I can retire. You go Charlie, I will be waiting for your next comedy and I hope it blows this one out of the water into outer space.


Charlie Sheen and Charlie Harper were one in the same. The writers even used Sheen's life experiences as story lines. Kill Charlie ,kill the show! I'll never watch again.


I think we need new blood like Ashton. What a doll. Charlie's death on the show is appropriate since he really killed himself off the show with his antics. I loved Charlie, don't get me wrong but it was time to move on.


its just not gonna be the same show i dont know if ill even watch it anymore.thank god for reruns

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Charlie: High tonight, low tomorrow, 100% chance of hangover.

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Alan: But that guy is never me.