Ashton Kutcher on Two and a Half Men: Meet Walden Schmidt!

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Will Charlie Harper be laid to rest on the season premiere of Two and a Half Men? At her appearance at today Television Critics’ Association summer press tour panel, CBS Entertainment President Nina Tassler would not say.

But she did finally divulge a few details regarding Ashton Kutcher's role on the series. To wit:

He will be named “Walden Schmidt, and he is an Internet billionaire with a broken heart."

Men, Men, Men

Tassler also confirmed that the September 19 premiere “will be a two-parter [airing] over two weeks."

This does go along with the rumor linked to in the opening sentence: Charlie Sheen's Harper will be dead, there will be a funeral and a subsequent  craze of potential home buyers that will ultimately lead to Kutcher's Schmidt moving in.

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should have just said Charlie and Rose moved out of country...didn't have to KILL the character(one never really dies in TV labd..LOL) But seeing he is killed off- Ashton's character should have been a secret step brother.Charlies will left his estate to his siblings and all of a SUDDEN "Hello Ashton" this way they ALL could live in house and it would have been believable...


Love Ashton! Good luck with the show....make it a success! Charlie will be missed.


why couldnt they let him run away with that crazy chick who was always stalking him? i m sorry but im a big sheen fan and harper and its just not going to be the same. i do like ashton but unless he is a crazy as he was on that 70;s show it just may not fly. but i will give it a chance.


It would be a huge mistake to kill Charlie Harper off. In the event that this storyline doesn't work out CBS needs to leave the door open for Charlie Harper to come back. Nothing against Ashton Kutcher, just have serious doubts about this. The makers of Two and a Half men are not flawless and point: They came up with Mike and Molly. Kind of a dud.


Not sure if I like this plot. While I understand why Charlie had to be let go, I don't get why he needs to die off completely. The show will not be the same without him. I have been a loyal watcher for years & I'm sad to say this may be my last. I wish the best of luck to the show. PROVE ME WRONG!! I DARE YA!!


I am surprised i thought they would have ashton be charlies son he didn't know about...i hate to see charlie die I was hoping he would get to come back


I think CBS is making a BIG MISTAKE!! It is not that I don't like Ashton, I do. I just like Charlie Sheen better, besides he is funny. I think this is just going to kill the show!! I for one will no longer be watching One and half men & the new guy!!


I'm glad that the show is not just going away because of Charlie Sheens inability to keep himself clean and sober. Not sure if I will watch though. Not a big Ashton fan. I might watch just so that Charlie doesn't think that he's all that.


I love Ashton! Does anyone know if this is going to be on the TVDevo website? I know they offer a lot of TV shows online, but not sure if this is one of them??

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