Awkward Exclusive: Is Beau Mirchoff on Team Matty?

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Beau Mirchoff stars as Matty McKibben on MTV's Awkward. So it should be easy for him to say whether or not Jenna ought to choose end up with his character or Brett Davern's Jake, right?

Not according to the diplomatic actor. I asked him to give Team Matty members a pep talk today and he replied: "He has good intentions. He's just young and naive... but he's solid guy and he cares about Jenna... but so does Jake. I'm torn myself!"

Imagine how viewers feel.

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Whichever side you are on, though, Mirchoff says the season finale will deliver a "definitely conclusion" to Jenna's love triangle.

The show itself has been a hit since day one, with critics showering it with praise and viewers taking notice. MTV picked Awkward up for
a second season a couple weeks ago. Could Mirchoff foresee such success when he read the script and starting filming?

"I knew we were making a good show," he said. "But you still have doubts, negative thoughts. But, hey, it's better to have people like the show than have not have them like it.

How very true.

Awkward airs a new episode on Tuesday night and, as always, TV Fanatic will review it in detail.

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Hi, I am Team Matty! Did you see how Jake react after he saw Matty and Jenna together?? Totaly crazy!! He is psycho! (I mean - he should do it privatly, not in front of whole school!) What is the point of that?!
I liked him before - he was so caring and full of love.. but now?? I can imagine how could be life for Jenna be difficult with Jake. (After this crazy and psycho scene he is making!)
Sure, Matty is hot and every girl likes him, but he likes only Jenna - he was able to leave almost naked girl in his bed just to see Jenna!! I love him for this! TEAM MATTY AGAIN!


I'm team Matty. Yes he was a bit of a jerk to Jenna in season 1 but he loves her and he grew up a little bit for her. So Team Matty all the way.


I guess i'm the outsider on this because i am Team Matty. Beau Mirchoff plays him to perfection! I don't think he's indecisive about Jenna at all...I think he knows what he wants, he's just been too scared to admit it to himself. A little healthy competition will always make an interested guy stand up and take notice of what he has the potential to lose. Beau doesn't want to lose Jenna to Jake, so he will have to start taking some more risks and putting himself out there, but Jenna's right...he is a good guy and I think he will. It will be interesting to see Jake's reaction when he realizes the guy Jenna was talking about liking was Matty and not him. Awkward.


I'm on team Jake. Don't get me wrong, I like Matty but it's just that Jake seems to be more understanding and he and Jenna have more in commmon thane Matty and Jenna. Go Jake!


im Team Jake!


I'd be all for team Matty if he was not so indecisive but as of now im in a dilema between Matty nd Jake!!! Hoi

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