Booth and Brennan are Having ...

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... a boy! OR a girl!

Right now, we don't know the gender of Booth and Brennan's future child. But Michaela Conlin (Angela) does, and says that by the second episode this fall, we will too.

Angela and Brennan will have plenty to talk about, considering Angela just had a baby and is in the process of trying to figure out how to be a working mom herself.

Baby Time!

Brennan had a lot on her mind when visiting Angela in May.

Clearly, Season 7 will be one of big adjustments for the team. The one saving grace, Conlin tells EW: “I heard there’s a full-time daycare in the Jeffersonian,” she says.

Can you see B-squared with a boy or girl?

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They must have a girl! Picture Booth playing with Baribies!! Hilarious!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :)


I heard a spoiler they were having a girl


shanna-mcmanaway I completely agree with you...I laughed when I read that lol so funny... The writers should do us a favour and add more booth and bones scenes:)


shanna-mcmanaway I completely agree with you...I laughed when I read that lol so funny... The writers should do us a favour and ad more booth and bones scenes:)


Bones has become a joke..... unless you are a
high school girl do not bother watching.
The plots no longer are geared toward the crime.
Now the plots are relationships/babies. I wponder if this will be the final season....
and the writers/producers/actors are just forfilling contracts.

Uncle jackass

This season would be hilarious if they finally do discuss the topic of marriage. That is, Booth has a strong religious orientation who wants to marry Brennan, but is fully aware that it is inappropriate to discuss such an archaic tradition with Brennan. Hence, everybody, including Brennan's dad are pressing the issue, which eventually leads to Booth stating that they are happy just the way they are...


That was sorta lame how she just randomly says she is pregnant and it never even showed or said that they hooked up. They could of made that better after drawing it out all that time for them to actually be together. I think they did it just to play in the actress's real life pregnancy into the show


we have waited YEARS for Booth & Bones to get together & they gave us NOTHING!!
one week he is holding her on the couch & the next week she says she is pregnant. GIMME A BREAK!!
there better be some flahbacks this season.


What does this have to do with religion? If Booth and Brennan managed to get along in spite of their differences,I'm sure they'll find a way to raise baby Bones according to both their beliefs or lack thereof.And on topic,I think it'll be a girl,since Booth already has Parker,and Angela just had a baby boy...And also cause in the books Bones is based on, Brennan had a daughter.But this is just my opinion.


Who knows though, Marci, children do wonderful things. Perhaps the little one will open Brennan's eyes a bit and convince her of a higher power? Children are, after all, little miracles in their own right.

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