Brandy Norwood to Anchor Major 90210 Arc

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90210 will take a shot of Brandy on season four.

The singer, who starred on UPN's Moesha years ago, will appear on multiple episodes of The CW hit as Marissa Jackson-Lewis, a liberal politician running for congress... against Teddy’s Republican uncle!

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“She’s a cross between Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama,” an insider tells Michael Ausiello. “She’s inspirational but with a drive to get the job done.”

Look for the character to hire Silver as a video campaign coordinator and to debut in October. Are you excited for this arc?


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Yes, i know that he'll appear in five episodes, but after those episodes, he'll be gone from the show! That's my point! No more teddy for the rest of the season and obviously from the series!


I'm so excited that Brandy is going to be on 90210 - I will actually start watching that show again! I loved Moesha (I can't find it anywhere in syndication) and I'm looking forward to seeing her on Drop Dead Diva. Brandy lights up a screen for me. I would love to see her on the big screen in a starring role - maybe in the remake of The Bodyguard?


Trevor Donovan himself said "five episodes."


Teddy did not get cut from the show. He's just simply not gonna be in as many episodes as the other cast members hence his downgrade from series regular to special guest star


Am I the only one upset about the whole teddy topic? I mean, I still don't know why the new showrunners had to cut him from the cast and yet come and add his uncle to the show! This doesn't make any sense to me, and pisses me off because teddy is one of my favorite characters and I still don't see the reason why they cut him down! There's a lot to do with a gay character, and I do say a lot! but well, they prefer to keep dixon in the show, a character that for me, has nothing to do there besides being annoying and useless!


By the way, I may not be Teddy's biggest fan, but are they seriously going to have a storyline involving his uncle after he's gone?


Yeah, CW is UPN and WB combined...they joined together and formed this channel.


It's good to see brandy back acting!!


BRANDY!!!! I cannot wait!!!!


think silver will tell Brandy that teddy is gay! she wil put it out ib the news! so in this way teddy's parents find out about his sexuality and drama starts with teddy living!
i like silver and seems like a good storyline!

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I'm gonna kill Dixon.