Brandy Norwood to Anchor Major 90210 Arc

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90210 will take a shot of Brandy on season four.

The singer, who starred on UPN's Moesha years ago, will appear on multiple episodes of The CW hit as Marissa Jackson-Lewis, a liberal politician running for congress... against Teddy’s Republican uncle!

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“She’s a cross between Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama,” an insider tells Michael Ausiello. “She’s inspirational but with a drive to get the job done.”

Look for the character to hire Silver as a video campaign coordinator and to debut in October. Are you excited for this arc?


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Not to sound racist, but I instantly thought it'd be a love interest for Dixon, as it's the only thing they try and do for him when he's got nothing.
Aside from that, why would you bring in Teddy's uncle, but not Teddy himself?
I wasn't a huge Teddy fan, but it's rather annoying that they're doing so much to focus on Teddy, yet they cut him from the show.


Due to the fact that it involves that Erin "I'll open my legs for anyone" Silver, I'm not the least bit excited about this story.


yes Brandy!!!!


wow this seems so out of left field


I'm sorry but no storyline involving Silver excites me in the smallest way, shape or form. Hate Silver! Hate Silver and Navid... Long live Navid & Ad


Yes, i love Brandy, she is an amazing singer(Better than most singers of today-Ahem Katy Perry- if i do say so myself). Cant wait to see her on the show


Moesha was a UPN show not the WB.

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How's your nerd?

Austin [to Naomi]

I'm gonna kill Dixon.