Burn Notice Episode Teaser: Welcome, Gavin Rossdale!

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Ready to rock out, Burn Notice fans?

On next week's "Hard Out," former Bush frontman and current Gwen Stefani husband Gavin Rossdale shows up as Fiona's ex. Elsewhere: Michael and Jesse join Agent Pearce for a CIA extraction mission in the Caribbean.

Can the show rebound from its most recent, subpar episode? Watch this promo and this sneak peek to get an idea:


i really don't think Fiona will be tempted, i mean she loves Micheal so much she was willing to die with him last season and she told Jesse that she and Micheal have a "for better or worse" kind of commitment. that's like saying they are true soul mates and committed for life. though i am sure that Micheal is going to still be less than thrilled because even though Fiona might not be interested it seems like her Ex is still more than willing to renew their connection. though after last season's finale, i am sure Micheal trusts Fiona to be completely loyal to him.

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