Burn Notice Review: "Hard Out"

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Welcome to Burn Notice, Gavin Rossdale!

After the disappointing appearance of The Big Show a few weeks ago, I was not sure what to expect from Rossdale’s appearance this week. I was happily surprised, though.

Where that WWE behemouth was barely on camera and almost swallowed by the scene, Rossdale - as Armand - was both suave and creepy, receiving a good amount of screen time in the process. 

Gavin Rossdale on Burn Notice

On the flip side, I was upset that Pearce and Jesse didn't get to talk longer. Her curiosity about why Jesse works with Michael after he destroyed Jesse's career should increase her trust and respect for Michael.

He is going to need it, too, because, no matter how hard Michael tries to avoid it, there is a storm coming, and Pearce could make the difference. 

Can a TV Fanatatic (possibly female) explain Fiona’s jealousy over Pearce to this simple minded male reviewer? I was as baffled as Michael was when she went into jealous mode.  Michael had clearly said she was a woman; and while attractive, I'd put her on par with Fiona, not above, so I don’t get why Fiona suddenly felt threatened or misinformed.

While we are discussing Fiona’s strange behavior, why did she decide not to tell Michael all the details about Armand, and then to get all hurt when Michael didn’t appreciate what she went through to help him? 

And, of course, poor Michael (having no idea,) looked like a monkey doing algebra while he was trying to figure out what Fiona was annoyed about.

Actually, this is a good time to mention something about men in general: Hints don’t work, tell us what you want us to know! Let me be clear: subtle hints don’t work, strong hints don’t work, really obvious hints don’t work… If you want us to know something, tell us!  

Fiona, if you want Michael to appreciate what you went through with Armand, you have to tell him prior to getting bent out shape so he can properly digest all the details and thank you!

Actually, I’m surprised Fiona let Armand get into her head at all. She seemed very well guarded when she saw him the first two times, so it was a bit of a shock he was able to rattle her about her relationship with Michael so easily in the last visit. 

Come on Fi! You know Michael loves you; you have to have more confidence in your relationship than that! 

I guess it doesn’t matter what Michael does, from Caribbean island stronghold infiltration to handling his beloved at home, he certainly had it rough in"Hard Out." I’m not expecting it to get any easier for him, as he continues to look for the man that framed him for Max’s murder while keeping the CIA off his trail.


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I agree with all the points made about this episode of burn notice. Fiona is a woman who needs Michael to notice her as his girlfriend/lover and not just a supportive partner like the toast he made at the dinner with his mother and friend. Fiona is not feeling the love a woman should feel in a relationship with a man. Yes we know Michael has problems in showing his feelings. Even his mother said to him in this episode that he should take Fiona out doing different things other than mission that involve guns and bombs. I understand why Fiona said to Michael you fail to mention all the details, this a Michael Western trait or fault to a degree. Fiona's ex made her feel like she was missing something in her relationship with Michael that she made have had with Armand. No matter how evil he is Armand treated and made Fiona feel like a woman loved and desire by her boyfriend even though their relationship involved things outside of being honest. Fiona and Michael should be more intimate on the show, sometimes as a viewer I wonder if they are even in a relationship at all.


@Steph thx, i was beginning to think that i am alone in this. my whole family completely hates me for this, they love Fi too much to think that she is doing sth wrong.


Well I'm a girl too and I totally agree with you, Fi was very weird in this... SHE was the one who suggested to ask that Armand guy in the first place, SHE didn't tell Michael anything about him and their past, and SHE decided to go to the meeting alone - and then she gets mad at Michael for all of that? Don't ask me who came up with that storyline, it's not like her at all to be acting this strange. And about the jealousy thing... yeah, Pierce doesn't look too bad, but hey - Fi should know that Michael's not that type of guy. After all he hasn't even looked at someone other than Fi during the whole series, even when they weren't together, while she had that boyfriend and that weird thing with Jesse (I'm still mad at the writers for that one, but that's a different story...). So what's she worried about? Jeez, I thought after everything they've been through (all that "I'll go and die with you" in the last finale and everything) we'd finally get our nice happy-ever-after couple, please don't start all over again... @anastasia I completely agree with you by the way, just realized you wrote a lot of the same things I did ;)


@ Michael - what is a Godfish?


exactly!! plus i don't see how she would like it if Micheal came home and said that his handle was hot, i don't think that she wouldn't get jealous anyway, it's loose loose situation for him whichever way he went. besides, it's not like he was hiding Pearce, Fi would see her anyway and with all the probs in his life right now, a visual description of his handler to his gf so that she wouldn't potentially get angry in the future, just doesn't seem important.


And the whole Fiona being jealous of Pearce thing isn't jealousy. I think she was yet again frustrated that Michael hasn't been giving her the whole story. Wait, what? Michael not telling Fi that Pearce happens to be hot counts as "not giving her the whole story"? How is that in any way pertinent compared to the fact that, say, Pearce has the pull to sic a hostile extraction team on Michael if the investigation points at him?


in my Opinion they did not use Trent Krot very well they should of had him say something like I hate the CIA ( for those that don't know he plays a CIA on NCIS)


Woman are like Godfish one second they want you to only care about them the next second they want to leave you


I think Fi was just pissed that she got somebody else killed by stealing the truck of ammo. So by extension, Michael got somebody killed because he needed that intel on the bomb maker. One of those moral dilemmas that seem to be underlining most of Season 5.


i completely agree with you Jim G. i am a girl and i felt annoyed with Fi's reaction. it was her choice from the start to keep him in the dark and she throws a temper tantrum at him.
and about being not sure about sure about their relationship, it seems ridiculous to me, it's not like she entered this relationship blind folded. she knew him as a CIA agent in Ireland, then she followed him to Miami and spent four years fighting with him and for him, then she apparently was sure enough about their love to go and die with him in season 4 finale and now she is insecure about their relationship. she knows him better than anybody and she accuses him of not appreciating her enough after all they have been through and all the times he saved her life even at the expense of his CIA dream job when he killed Strickler without a second thought. he had clearly proved to her that she is more important than anything.
i think the screenwriters did not think well before putting this in this episode.
just my opinion. don't hate me for it, but suddenly Fi looked like one of those Miami bimbos that she hates so much. for a short time but for me it was their.

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Jesse: There are still 5 guys with machine guns.
Michael: Better than 40.

Pearce: Anyone tell you that your brand of espionage is hell on the nerves?
Michael: All the time.