Can Adrianna Be Redeemed on 90210?

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Adrianna endured a rough season three on 90210.

She pawned Javier's song lyrics off as her own... sent naked photos of Silver to the school... switched out Silver's bipolar meds and cost her a spot at NYU... lied to Navid about what he said/did during a night of drunkenness... and misled Silver about her interactions with Navid.

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Still, Adrianna remains a key character and the show will try to redeem her on season four. Is that possible? It's become a source of debate among 90210 fans and now we're giving you a chance to chime in:

Can Adrianna be redeemed?

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Seriously if you think that almost killing someone intentionally and cheating on someone are the same thing you have serious issues! Yes, what they did was wrong but it's Manic depression for a reason. She could have killed herself and for what? Just because Adriana couldn't get over Navid? Come back after your best friend tries to kill you then maybe we can talk.
Not that i expect some of you to even understand the difference between hit and run and trying to intentionally kill a friend


How can she be redeemed ? She ON PURPOSE tried to make other person feel bad, I get that she's mad but let's be honest here, there are so much more other types of revenge if she just can't proudly walk away and leave two cheaters enjoy themselves.
I find it funny how some people always try to make Ade look better by comparing her to other girls acts , especially Annie's hit and run. Annie didn't hit that guy on purpose , she was at the wrong place at the wrong time , anyone can get in such situation , she drank once and wasn't as lucky as other billion drunk drives who do it way more often !


NO , I hate this character , so pointless , she should have been written off instead of Teddy!


Does she really have to be redeemed. Loved her as the villain, she could be 90210's Georgina sparks. Just up to mischief!


See, here's what annoys me. Because of the things she's done, a lot of you think Ade's unredeemable. However, if someone like Gossip Girl's Chuck Bass or The Vampire Diaries' Damon Salvatore did these things, you guys would immediately forgive them.


Honestly, I think she went WAY TOO FAR!!! I mean seriously?! Just for Navid? She's gone crazy! Although I have to agree, she is a key character. And I hope that she gets redeemed! I just don't know how Silver or anyone could forgive her.

Gaby ee

@Dexter Idolizer you are right about every single character doing awful things. I had even forgot about some of them!


I think Ade is great in season 3. Dont u all sick to see all of the girl become a-sweet-innocent girl? I mean their not even a virgin anymore. So why Ade need to be redeem? I think her character make 90210 become more interesting.

Matt richenthal

@Mark DeFields: Your defense of Ade simply raised the topic and prompted us to run this poll because we saw the comments elicited by those on all sides. We're always looking to get fans talking. Trust us, this wasn't some attempt to prove you wrong -- more like you were the inspiration for the idea and we appreciate it. We encourage all readers to comment and have an opinion. As for Silver/Navid, not sure why you think we love them so. If you're referring to reviews from season three, they are written by critics who are simply expressing their opinions, which is their jobs. In turn, fans can respond and we can hopefully get a dialogue going.


@Mark DeFields: If Dexter Morgan needs to put down any character on 90210, it's Annie. After all, she did run someone over, drunk behind the wheel. HOWEVER, she was forgiven and her friends never judged her.



We're not just friends, we're a family. And nobody messes with my family.


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