Can Adrianna Be Redeemed on 90210?

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Adrianna endured a rough season three on 90210.

She pawned Javier's song lyrics off as her own... sent naked photos of Silver to the school... switched out Silver's bipolar meds and cost her a spot at NYU... lied to Navid about what he said/did during a night of drunkenness... and misled Silver about her interactions with Navid.

Photo of Adrianna

Still, Adrianna remains a key character and the show will try to redeem her on season four. Is that possible? It's become a source of debate among 90210 fans and now we're giving you a chance to chime in:

Can Adrianna be redeemed?

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I fail to understand why so many people find it hard to believe that Ade can be redeemed. They talk about her like she's a twisted serial killer whom Dexter Morgan needs to put down.


Annie killed someone via hit and run and kept it to herself for almost a year - she was forgiven.
Naomi sent out a nude photo of Annie - she was forgiven.
Silver and Dixon hooked up drunk in a closest - they were both forgiven.
Naomi lied about being sexually harassed - she was forgiven.
Navid and Silver hooked up behind Adrianna's back - they were forgiven.
Dixon misled Silver into believing Teddy was with some hot blonde that was in fact his sister, so that Teddy and Silver wouldn't be together - he was forgiven.
Naomi dated the Deans son to get in CU - she was forgiven. The list does go on, but I can't be bothered explaining. However, this is a list of similar or much more severe things that people have done and they've been forgiven. Yes, Adrianna did do horrible things, but she mad a motive - some of these characters did not. So if ALL of the characters listed can be forgiven, I assume Adrianna can.


Okay, TV Fanatic Staff, I get it. Every time you guys attack Ade, I attack you. I can't help but wonder if one of the reasons why you made this poll was to prove me wrong about Ade being redeemable. And judging by the results, you have proven me wrong, at least for now. But tell me something, TV Fanatic Staff. Why do you always talk about Navid and Silver like they're such great people? Ade went too far in her revenge (especially with Silver), but they betrayed her first, which is something that you guys don't ever care to acknowledge. Do you not find both Navid and Silver's hypocritical, self-righteous behaviour to be the least bit annoying? Do you still find Navid to be the least bit charming? Would you still consider Silver a loyal friend?


The real question is, can Navid and Silver be redeemed?


No need to be redeemed. Adrianna was awesome this past season. Villains are sweet, and she was a great one.


Every show has his own personal villian! And Ade is 90210 really bad girl! She is a really great person as long she isn't famous! if everyone would be the nice girl next door it wouldn't be funny to watch! So she has to struggle cause just so we have an outsider and find some new friends to integrate ! but at the end they will forgive her i think!



How's your nerd?

Austin [to Naomi]

I'm gonna kill Dixon.