Claire Holt Cast as Stefan's Ex on The Vampire Diaries

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She's been sort of stalking Emily all season long on Pretty Little Liars. And now Claire Holt is set to do the same to Stefan on The Vampire Diaries.

The Australian actress has landed the much-buzzed about role of Becky, a character who shares a romantic history with Paul Wesley's Salvatore sibling - and it's not one she'll give up easily.

Claire Holt on Pretty Little Liars

According to Zap2It, we'll first meet Becky in flashbacks to the 1920s. What brings her to Mystic Falls? Tune in. Find out.

As for Stefan's current girlfriend, she won't be running into the arms of Damon any time soon. Kevin Williamson said this week that those two will unite for a common cause - tracking down Stefan - as opposed to any common feelings of love.

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Well, if you read stefan diaries 2nite bloodlust, you will understand who becky/callie is.stefan and callie/becky truly loved each other.


how comes that stefan never mentioned her 2 elena,nd am pretty sure that if damon knew her he must have told elena,so probably he too he doesn't actually knw dat his brother dated her,and after all dis years why is she back now what does she want,i guess the answer is stefan which am sure she can't have him back coz he is for elena now and forever.

David and sabrina 2014

This girl looks ok but she also looks strange. I didn't actually think that this girl playing the role of Becky, was an ex-girlfriend of Stefan. I always thought it was just Katherine (even though she was a evil retarded person). If she's going to track down Stefan with Damon, then they better help him or else this girl will be another problem but if Becky ever sees Elena and knows that she's the girl of Stefan, then Becky would want to get rid of Elena and that better not happen or else I would want her out of the picture as well. There may be some problems in the show and some people I hate, but I'm getting too impatient to wait for the show cause I love it sooooo much and it will always be my favorite show. =) XD =D =P


I am so glad that Damon and Elena will have their priorities straight...and that is getting Stefan back; healthy, whole and into Elena's arms again.


I want her to be a brunette. I picture her with auburn hair. I do not think that she will be the perfect ex.

Gaby ee

I actually didn't want any new character going after Stefan, but I guess we should trust the writers because they never fail to deliver. And I do love flashbacks, so I'm excited for that.


lol she was in H20 mermaids :D


Wasn't Becky supposed to be a "beautiful, wild, spoiled" vampire? And they cast UGLY Claire Holt as her. I was expecting a brunette to play Becky. And she won't fight with Caroline...what makes you people think she's gonna fight Caroline?
And besides, Katherine and Anna are the two best female vampires on the show. Not even Caroline comes close to them two. And Becky is going to be stalking Stefan...creepy.


She seems to be everywhere lately!


So, no more Pretty Little Liars appearance? Or she can do both?
I like her as Samara....think she's a good actress.

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