Combat Hospital Review: Why Me?

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"Reason to Believe" was easily one of the best Combat Hospital's of the season. From its tense Hurt Locker-like opening - with the horror of a bomb disposal gone wrong - to its emotional questions of faith, this hour hooked me from moment one and never let go.

We found Chaplain Marjorie Plotell having a crisis of faith. Apparently war is Hell, even on God. Somehow, as she watched Simon profess his arrogance in his skills as a surgeon, it only made her feel more inadequate. 

Reason to Believe Scene

Simon was in rare form tonight. He labeled Dobbs' pieces of broken vertebrae "annoying" and was sure he could save the use of the man's arms. Thankfully, Simon's skill and talent were able to keep up with his ego since it was a surgery he'd never before performed.

Just when I was thinking it must be amazing to have that much belief in yourself, we found Simon's Achilles heel. When Simon again didnd't come to the phone (albeit this time he was in surgery) to speak to his brother, the man threatened suicide. Well, that got his attention, mostly because it was not an idle threat. 

Edward Hill was mentally ill and when Simon finally tried to contact him, he found that his brother had been released from the hospital and no one knew where he was. Simon was terrified. 

And there we had Simon's weakness. He's great with things he can fix, but he can't fix his brother so he pushes him away. Now it may be too late.

Add to that Sgt. Dobbs' reaction after surgery. Simon seemed to believe that the man would wake up and thank him for saving the use of his arms. Of course, the reality was that he woke up and found that he'd lost the use of his legs. It was the glaring difference of perspective between doctor and patient.

The fear of losing his brother and the despair over letting down his patient sent Simon straight to the Chaplain. Simon may not believe in God, but he wanted to believe in something more than himself. Thankfully, having her biggest detractor come to her for guidance helped restore some of Audrey's faith.

We didn't see very much of Rebecca this week, but I did love her conversation with Pedersen about wearing a burqa. I appreciated her question about why it's a woman's responsibility to control what a man thinks when he looks at her and I wished we could have heard more of that discussion.

Bobby Trang was a fool. Susie pegged his behavior perfectly. 

You don't break up with girls, do you. You make them do your dirty work for you. | permalink

He was scared so he was going to be distant and aloof and force her to break up with him. She decided to forgo the painful process and broke up with him now. Good for her.

There were lots of great moments, but my favorite was Simon's breakdown. It's about time we got into what drives this complex character. Hopefully we get more scenes that let Luke Mably shine in the episodes to come.


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I agree, this was a pretty powerful, emotionally charged ep. Although at times I didn't know if I wanted to pity Simon or smack him on the back of the head, a la Gibbs from NCIS. Even though I'm a non-believer (you know, the "A" word) I think it's wrong to tease and harass someone who is a believer. Especially when that someone's job is to comfort the sick and injured/dying. Coupled with the Chaplain's crisis of faith Simon's behavior was despicable. @Mega Fan: I'm with you to a certain extent concerning people complaining about medical/military mistakes. If it's a COMPLAINT, I find it very annoying. If it's more of an FYI (like Richard's comment) I welcome the information. Always glad to gain a bit of knowledge. It was a little bit funny to see Bobby struggling over his situation with Susie, since Susie's attitude regarding their situation is so blase. Good performance from our Falling Skies friend, Mpho Koaho!


I loved this episode! It finally showed that vulnerable side of Simon that I've been waiting to see, now if only Rebecca will open her eyes and see the real Simon...and I don't mean the self centered rake! This has to be one of my favorite medical shows ever so keep up the good work...and how about a kiss between Simon and Rebecca, come on people(writers) LOL!!!


Not a fan - not when the surgeon has his loupes (eyewear) on with the magnifiers facing the ceiling. Surgeons, physicians, dentists and dental hygienists use loupes to have a clearer field of vision, hence the magnifiers. Someone needs to be on the program's staff to make sure that things are more realistic & authentic.


This is a good review! Once again, I'll say to all the people complaining about medical/military mistakes in show. this isn't a documentary so let it go. What do you do during Charlie's Angels or sci-fi movies? Lots of mistakes there. I really enjoy the complexity of the characters and the complex situations featured. Simon's reasons for drinking and the sadness his girlfriend-photographer noticed are more clear. I felt bad for Rebecca who got in trouble for giving books to the women. At least Col. Marks didn't take the gruff American Colonel too seriously but for Rebecca it was unnerving. This just highlights the women's issues there - not only do the local men oppose women's education or modernization, but the male dominated armies from the west sent to "liberate" the women just continue this.


I agree with all of the comments concerning the actors peformances. Unfortunately, myself being a paramedic, could not help but notice Sgt. Dobb's cervical collar post-op was on upside down. The part that is designed to cradle the patients chin was over his sternal notch. Such a simple being miss makes it hard for a viewer with some medical background not to notice. Hopefully somebody speaks with their medical expert.

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You don't break up with girls, do you. You make them do your dirty work for you.


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